What to ask the interested worldpacker volunteer?

We’ve put together a guide of questions you can ask interested volunteers to help you choose the best-fit traveler!


Finding and attracting the ideal volunteer is not an easy task, especially through online selection. So we’ve set aside some tips to help you in this process and confirm the ideal volunteer for your property or project. This phase is extremely important to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for both parties. Let’s go!

Define the Ideal Volunteer Profile

This step can seem pretty obvious, but it’s still easily forgotten by hosts. Go over the following questions before creating a position or profile on Worldpackers: what type of volunteer am I looking for? What task should they be able to do? For how many hours? Does the volunteer need previous experience? What qualities will be essential for the volunteer to have in order to do well at our Project/Business?

Fill out the Position Description(s)

The first contact you’ll have with volunteers interested in helping on your project will be through your profile on Worldpackers. So it’s essential that the description of your position communicates all the most important information about your property - from the most basic things about what you will offer, to clear descriptions of the tasks and rules.

Add Pre-Screening Questions

The idea is to start getting on the same page about expectations, personalities, and necessary skills from the first message you receive. We’ve put together a guide of questions you can ask interested volunteers to help you choose the travelers with the profile you need and be sure that they understand the position.  

Purpose & Connection with the Project/Business

  1. What is the purpose of your trip?
  2. Why would you like to collaborate with our Project/NGO/Hostel?
  3. What is your goal during your stay? And after here, where are you going?
  4. Have you volunteered before? If yes, tell us about that experience.

General Questions about the Volunteer Position

  1. Have you read the entire program for the position, infrastructure, benefits, and house rules? What do you think? If you have any questions please ask. 
  2. Why are you the ideal person to fill this position?
  3. Are you willing to do the tasks listed here?
  4. Which skills listed in this position do you already have experience using?
  5. Do you have another skill you want to use or learn during your experience with us?
  6. Our property requires a fee to cover expenses like food. Are you okay with paying this?
  7. Are your dates flexible?

Welcoming & Helping Guests (Reception/Nightshift/Administration)

  1. Have you ever worked/collaborated doing Reception in a hostel, hotel B&B or inn?
  2. Are you familiar with any reservation management program? If so, which ones?
  3. Do you enjoy dealing with the public? Talking on the phone?
  4. It’s common in the Reception position for the volunteer to help keep common areas of the property clean and tidy. Are you good with that?
  5. For the Nightshift position, you will need to stay awake the whole night. Are you comfortable with this?

Welcoming & Helping Guests (Cleaning & Housekeeping)

  1. Have you ever worked/collaborated with cleaning or housekeeping of a hostel, hotel, B&B or inn? If yes, tell us about your experience.
  2. During your shift, you will help clean bathrooms, bedrooms and common areas. Are you okay with this?
  3. During your shift, you will help make beds and clean the rooms, are you good with that? 

 Communication & Marketing (Social Media)

  1. Do you like to write? Have you ever produced any online travel content? Tell us about it.
  2. Can you help us supply our social media with posts and photos?
  3. Do you know how to edit photos or videos?
  4. Do you have a website, blog, social media channel you can share with us?

Communication & Marketing (Photography & VideoMaking)

  1. What is your preferred photography style?
  2. How long have you been working with photography? As a hobby or professional?
  3. Do you have your own equipment? What is it?
  4. Do you know how to edit photos/videos?
  5. Give us a link to your profile. If you don’t have one, send us some references of your work.

Community Work (Social Working & Teaching)

  1. What is your level of the language you’ll be teaching?
  2. Do you have any experience with other Projects? If yes, please tell us about it.
  3. Do you have experience giving classes, using dynamic teaching or games?
  4. In what other ways do you think you can positively collaborate with our Community/NGO?
  5. Are you open to new experiences and cultures?

 Eco Activities (Farming & Hands On)

  1. Do you have any rural experience? If yes, tell us more.
  2. Have you collaborated with other eco-projects before? If yes, please share.
  3. Have you worked in a vegetable garden? What is your level of experience?
  4. Are you able to do light manual labor using tools? Is it easy for you?
  5. Are you open to new experiences and cultures?
  6. What does living in a community mean to you?
  7. Do you like animals? Do you have experience taking care of them? If so, tell us more.
  8. Are you vegetarian/vegan?
  9. Anything else we need to know about you? (food allergies, bee-sting or dust allergy, or others?)

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