Worldpackers Tips for Social Projects: How to recruit the best volunteers

The process of choosing volunteers who will help you in your project is a very important step for you to live unforgettable experiences. To help you with this step, we have prepared a special material with tips for recruiting, specially for Hosts with Potential that run Social Projects:


When you know more about the travelers and you share motivations and goals, you can get a general idea of what would be the best activities and approaches for each volunteer, before the experience begins.

Aligning expectations in your Worldpackers profile

1. Be clear about what's expected of travelers in the Description of volunteer positions, and create different positions for different needs you have (for example, a volunteer position for maintenance and construction, another position for planting and harvesting, and so on).

2. Let travelers know about sensitive issues of your space from the start. For example, if the property is located in a quite isolated area, if there're many insects, or high humidity or heat, make it clear in your Description to avoid frustration.

3. Tell a little about the culture of the place so the traveler understands and prepares for the cultural barriers that he or she might face during the experience.

4. Ask a few specific questions about activities and your property to make sure that the expectations of the volunteer are in line with your proposal. You can add this information in the Questionnaire for your positions, so that traveler's answer them during the application process. Here are a few examples of what you can ask:

  • Why did you choose this project?
  • What are your goals with this trip?
  • How do you expect the day-to-day experience to be?
  • What skills do you have that can be used on our daily activities?
  • Do you have experience in the proposed activities? Tell me more!
  • Are you a team player?
  • Are you good with children/animals?

Before Pre-Approving the Traveler

1. Check the description in the traveler's profile and the reviews he or she left and received from other hosts to learn more about this volunteer. If you prefer, ask travelers to send links from their social networks so you can get to know them better. If necessary, request any documents in advance.

2. You may ask the traveler to submit a video or document demonstrating a specific skill - such as a lesson plan, for example - as part of the volunteer's approval criteria.

3. Make a list of property rules and share it with travelers before the trip begins. This will increase the chances that volunteers are well prepared when they get to your property.

4. Take advantage of the recruitment time to understand the traveler's language proficiency level: If you need volunteers who speak fluent English, for example, call the traveler and try to speak with them in that language. That way, you avoid communication problems.

5. Use tools like Skype or WhatsApp to have video conversations with travelers and learn more about them. However, don't forget to reinforce any agreements made during the video call in the platform's inbox. Use our platform's inbox to write down the main points of conversations that took place outside the platform, so that the Worldpackers team can assist you in case of any problems.

6. Make sure that the volunteer shares similar principles and values with your project. That makes all the difference over the experience!

7. Consider the type of audience that travelers will be in contact with in order to be able to choose which characteristics are most important in a volunteer. If the work involves children, for example, it's important that the volunteer is familiarized with them, and that he or she knows how to handle diverse situations in a friendly and affectionate way.

After confirming the trip

1. Contact the confirmed traveler at least two weeks before the start of the trip to give more information about, for example, how to get to your place.

2. One week before the trip begins, ask the traveler to send a picture of the tickets. This way you can be aware of the time and day of arrival and you'll be better prepared to welcome the volunteer.

3. On the day before the trip starts, confirm all details with the traveler.

We hope these techniques help you create a complete plan so you can offer incredible experiences! Don't forget to share your planning techniques with our community in the comment field below! =)

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