"Albergue Las Herrerias"

We are a couple living in the north-west of Spain, near Galicia, along the Way of Saint James (a world-famous, 750-kilometre pilgrimage route also known as the Camino de Santiago). We live in a pretty valley with a small river passing through. Our town has 20 inhabitants but is full of pilgrims and tourists during the summer months. It's quite an alternative and interesting area. Our hostel is small, clean and rustic, with bunk beds, a garden with hammocks and fountain, a large living space and a big vegetable garden near the river. It's a paradise! We love nature and animals and so follow natural principles in all we do, striving to contribute to a clean and sustainable environment. we are vegetarian so we serve vegetarian food at home mostly form our garden.

We are a very easy going couple and we are used to be around volunteers or friends at home . All become a family here. We are looking for someone with initiative, who is motivated and responsible and who enjoys learning new things and meeting people. Volunteers should ideally be sociable and flexible.


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Quedan cortas las palabras par describir lo bien que la pasas aquí. Las herrerías es un lugar por el que vale la pena parar, respirar y valorar. Paisajes y personas que te abrazan y reconstruyen tu interior.

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