Ardunan Farm

You'll love our smallholding if you enjoy caring for animals and being outdoors in ALL weathers (this is's wet, muddy and cold). You should enjoy peace and quiet, reading, hiking, biking and having "me" time. A passion or interest in growing veg would be beneficial.

Gillian (49) & David (75) retired to the country to build a smallholding and try and be more self sufficient. They still have other businesses that give them an income and appreciate the help voluteers bring to freeing their time and energy from doing the livestock and smallholding tasks. You'll get three days training on the animal's routines and needs from Gillian or an existing, experienced's really important you stick to what we show you, the animals know their routines and change unsettled them. The tasks are outdoors and in all is often muddy, but nothing a hot shower can' t fix....some people might find the animal care monotonous. There's also help needed in our polytunnel getting it up and running for its first growing season plus weeding, turning compost, a bit of DIY etc Were kind, generous and experienced hosts having welcomed almost 150 volunteers in to our home over the last five years...most have been really good experiences, some have been amazing, sadly we've had some nightmare ones too (usually due to them not reading our profile, just looking for free accommodation or completely underestimating their ability to get their hands dirty). Hoping this description attracts volunteers who will embrace rather than endure our life here.

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