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He/she is a sociable person who loves to interact with local people. The person will learn a lot about local culture and will make new local friends since we have a lot of local clients that come to the bar!

We are very easy going with the volunteers. We don't expect them to replace a regular employee, nor to work an unsustainable amount of hours per week. Our staff is super friendly and love their job at Black Llama Hostel!


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I had such an amazing time volunteering at Black Llama. All of the staff made me feel so welcome and the hostel itself is beautiful. My tasks were as discussed beforehand and I had so much fun doing it. The hostel has lots of activities and events and I was able to meet so many amazing people. The hostel is very well located and is within walking distance of pretty much everything you need. I’m going to miss this place so much! Thanks to everyone at Black Llama for making this such a special experience <3

14 days ago



I've been volunteering in different places but this is the first one I've done on WP. I couldn't ask for anything better than this.
In the 3 weeks stayed in Black, sometimes you would see workers and bosses party together then you know that it's the right place to be, and they even celebrated workers’ birthdays, how sweet!
Félix is an amazing jefe! And everyone is super welcoming! The work is super relaxed and flexible. I miss everyone there, especially my roommates!! The 3 weeks passed so fast
I will definitely be back again in the future one day!
Much love! One day in BL, Always with BL!

29 days ago

Félix replied

Thank you Mabel, you will be missed a lot <3



The hostel itself is beautiful, the rooms are okay and the bed is fairly comfortable. But it didn't work out for me. I originally applied to stay for a month and I didn't even get to stay a whole week, because the host kicked me out for using the kitchen and the fridge, simple as that. In my opinion, the whole problem was the lack of communication. One day you can do something, the other day you can't and the instructions are confusing. Plus, they aren't really flexible and the included lunch is only a 70 soles weekly pocket money which would be enough if you could cook there, but you can't :/

about 2 months ago

Félix replied

Hey Gabriely. I am a bit disappointed with your review... Just to be clear, I understand things weren't clear since the beginning and I am sorry about this. I met you in the office after the incident and after seeing that you let our professional kitchen dirty with old oil so we can talk it out and made the rules very clear: you can't use the professional kitchen with professional equipment that can only be manipulated by professionals or put your food in our fridges or our storage for health reason for our clients and also for your security. The SAME day, I still found your ice cream in our freezer and the next day i found some beers there too. After our discussion, you still used the kitchen when I was really clear. But we still had a good relationship in the end, I just had to apply the rules. I agreed with you to give you a review that is positive and focused on your strong points (which I did) not to hurt your reputation here in the future. Now I see that you made that bad review, I don't think it's very professional nor nice, because I really tried to give you many chances and even not hurt your score here. Disappointing.

You say we are not flexible: we literally sat together to discuss your schedule and gave you the free days you needed for your other work. When you applied, the job mentionned it was six days of work and I changed it for YOU to 5 days so I could accomodate you better. Again, really disappointing.

You should be more respectful of the place where you work, listen to your supervisor's instructions (not your colleagues) and be grateful to what other people offer you.

I really wish I could cancel the 5 star review I just made for you,

Good luck for the future



Si planificas viajar a Lima y conocer esta bonita ciudad, Black Llama es una muy buena opción para hacer voluntariado 😊 Las actividades a realizar en el desayuno son sencillas y te da el tiempo para hacer turismo por el resto del día, además el hostel siempre realiza actividades por las noches donde puedes participar. Recomendado!!

2 months ago



Cuando llegue no estaba organizado mi voluntariado ya que Felix estaba fuera del país pero en adelante esto se arregló y fui más dirigida, fui la única voluntaria por lo que no hubo tanta convivencia con los otros, me alegro mucho de haber conocido a Majo, Ale, Kristel, Lore, Kathy, Renato, Sebastián, Luis, Fiore, Anto y a todo el staff, es pesado solo tener un día libre por que el horario es complicado (6:30 am a 11:30) pero está el apoyo del lunch y el desayuno, además de los descuentos, si quieres conocer Lima funciona bien pero solo lo recomendaría por máximo 3 semanas.

4 months ago

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