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Milos is a very beautiful island to live on and to spend some time here. The tasks are not much, and the traveler will have plenty of time to visit around. Meanwhile, he will learn many things living close to the local people. Apart of the houses, I own some boat(s), SUP's etc, and I organize boat trips around Milos. The traveler could be used there also, and with us, will have unique experiences (maybe) on the blue water of Aegean Sea.

I grew up and was living in Athens up to 2019 when I decided to change it and I came to Milos. I have a company in Milos that is aparted of 3 houses near the sea, on the beach that those houses are rented to tourists for holidays. I speak greek, english, spanish and french and I love hosting people and learning new cultures. I am also a couch surfer, I have hosted a lot of people under this platform in the past and I have been hosted also in many places of the world.


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On the shining island of Milos, you will live a life of exploration, eat & drink like a local (rakomelo!), meet all of Vasilis’s friends, and leave feeling like family. We worked hard and played harder – boating, fishing, hiking, off-roading and living a California lifestyle in Greece. You’ll hear entertaining stories from Vasilis and leave with some of your own because there is always something to do. He is thoughtful, honest, authentic, and you’ll always see him with a grin on his face. Blue Mare is flourishing, the cats of the island will become your own, and you will love every moment.

4 months ago



Mi experiencia fue buena, me aburrí un poco ya que la isla estaba media vacía. Me hubiese gustado compartir con más personas y no solo el anfitrión. La isla es muy hermosa, Vasilis me mostró mucho, el es buena onda. Lo único que mejoraría en cuanto al trabajo, es acordar desde antes las horas de trabajo y días libres.

5 months ago

United States


My time in Milos was one of the happiest times of my life. Everyday was different and I was immediately made to feel at home. His mother was exceptionally lovely and welcoming too. Vasilis was a phenomenal host & went out of his way to ensure I saw the best that Milos has to offer. He always made sure I had anything I needed & more. When we weren’t doing the easy work at his appts we we were lounging on the beach or adventuring on the boat. Vasilis is a beautiful human being with a loving and caring heart. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this time & I am counting down the days to return.

5 months ago

New Zealand


I remember when Vasileios replied I had already booked another trip so I had to decide out of the two and safe to say I made the best choice ever!

This was my first worldpacking role & Vasileios was kind & welcoming. He showed me the Greek way; from fishing, language, boat tours. After a while I felt like a local, Milos was my home away from home.

The work itself didn’t feel like work and it wasn’t much at all - If you have initiative it’s easy & you get heaps of free time

Vasileios thank you for everything! You’ve been absolutely amazing!I’m grateful and will cherish the moments.

6 months ago

Costa Rica


Vasilis is super nice as a host ( like Couchsurfing)and person, when he has time, he wants to give you tours on the boat! He is a good tour guy with the greek traditions. His parents are so good and kind, they always give you food and you feel at home.
Things you need to know before:
-I had 2.5h but was changed to 5h without any option ( only accept or leave)
-he like the boss is a little complicated, he doesn't accept critics or he can be rude and yell at people.
-the free day is not after the 6 day, is always when he wanted and you need to remember him because 0 free days.

7 months ago

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