Casa de la Hulpe

Don't apply if you don't have any DIY/TOOLS experience. we offer natural environment and cheap direct connection to the city of Brussels (20min Train).
Delicious mornings and launch food.
Suggestions for walking aroud forest as great places to looking for.
If you arrive a Friday, you most help us the next day.
We need seriously people with experience with renovation wall with "LIME", and renovation toilets. thanks

We are family with 2 babies,.we need.a. hard workers! Active! Respect full, with work time etc.. from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 14hrs.. we offer you all food, independent room, wifi..


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La familia es muy linda y me recibieron de una forma muy acogedora, el trabajo es demandante y hay que llegar con actitud y ganas de realizar ciertas actividades físicas sobre todo. Todo súper bien en mi estadía, las niñas son muy lindas, me gustó jugar con ellas y aprender también

3 months ago



la experiencia con Silvia y su esposo fue muy buena, son excelentes personas, me trataron muy bien y me sentí muy cómodo, ellos están remodelando su casa, la idea es ayudarles en lo que más se pueda, es solo que tengas buena disposición y listo, super recomendado.

9 months ago



The house is a huge construction site, work is underway at all points. I had my own room.
My main task was to sand oil paints off a wall. We also brought bulky waste to the recycling center and I did a little gardening.
The family was friendly to me and offered to show me local sights or to come with me to Silvia's yoga class. Silvia prepared delicious meals, the plantains were delicious!

over 1 year ago



Bem recebida, pratiquei espanhol e francês, convívio com uma excelente família, duas princesas pequeninas, a casa, está em obra sendo normal, ter bastante coisa para fazer, eu tendo experiência na limpeza, ajudei no que pude, pena que a Sílvia, não esteve comigo todos os dias para me ensinar outras tarefas,do jardim ou da obra, por fim foi uma experiência excelente,gratidão....🙏😉

over 1 year ago



Silvia was extremely difficult to work with, which comes as a surprise given the many good reviews.
She tried cancelling on me twice after I had bought my plane tickets.
I eventually convinced her otherwise, and tried my best to understand her expectations to better work with her. I was commited to do my best, but she was unhappy that I was either too slow(when I tried to be detailed) or too messy (when I sped up to appease her).
She went to the extent of saying "Asians are meant to be perfectionists, and you aren't at all!"
On the 4th day, she decided to kick me out without prior notice.

almost 2 years ago

silvia replied

I am Yves, the husband. Yes our house is 20 mn by foot from the station but we didn't spoke about pick you up. You presented yourselves as young people with military training and you are complaining about walking 20 min? Really? Shower rules were know before you arrive and accepted, my wife also show you the whole house by video conversation through WhatsApp, so no surprise. There was plenty of ffp1 and ffpw masks for the dust work... Everybody use some when needed. You didn't use that mask you are showObviously it was broken and nobody used it like that. You just took that picture to defame. You stayed in our house what do you know about his renovation? All electricity and plumbing is done by professionals. I am doing myself all the wall plastering and putting the. Tile, ground, painting etc. Worldpackers helped us in destruction works and gardenigs mainly, or some ground works with this who were capable of, working with me. The true is that you and your friend have 2 left hands and no actitud to learn. You didn't want or were unable to hold the disc grinder more than one minute... That's why we ask you to find another place. Neither we kicked you from one day to other, we let you some days to find a place and you found it for the next day... It was your decision. Then you come with all those personal things here on the web to defend yourself... Speakings about my daughter's or that we are racist and bla bla... Come on. I will not respond anymore to your comments and ha I don't think you speak an Oxford english neither.

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