Casa do Mar

There are endless personal development opportunities here with a shaman and all the social entrepreneurs that live here. And there are few places like this favela where a person can be completely safe but immersed in a favela with a vibrant culture, unique music and art. When we're not working on our projects we surf, rock climb, body board, and visit waterfalls. Our house/hostel is a place where the rain forest covered mountains meet the ocean. Its just an extraordinary natural environment nestled on the edge of the Atlantic rain forest but with the pulsating favela behind us. Most importantly, if the volunteers teach they will move outside of themselves here as they touch the lives of children and adults.

I was a liberal protestant minister for 30 years. I know, that is a red flag for some people, but I am eclectic in my spiritual beliefs and my friend describes me as, "a seedy saint out there sinning bravely." So relax, I am a Big Lebowski kinda guy with way to many Hawaiian shirts and a fondness for White Russians. Our residents value indigenous amazonian medicines and love to introduce people to these practices. I was married 25 years, have 3 children, and have come to this favela in Rio for an adventure that includes personal development, providing education, economic development, and samba. The 5 young people who live here long term collaborate with me now and then and are very focused social entrepreneurs. There is also a scientist and and an app designer. They are solid people who will treat the volunteers with absolute kindness and respect. We are family here.

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