Casa Qatzij

If you are needing for a moment in your trip for stay more chill in a cozy house, Casa Qatzij is what are you looking for! Our tasks are simple, make the house and garden more beauty and comfortable for the guests and who lives here; computer work like reception, social media and helping me with the organization of the guest house; pet care and what you feel inspiration to do! We provide the basics food so you can cook and i really like to share meals <3

San Lucas Toliman is a town with less tourism than others, came to live the local culture as it is, take a 10 min walk to the lake (you can swim and use a kayak), know Cerro de Oro or see closer the Toliman volcano too! We can go to a Temazcal ceremony together and do a lot of things :)

In your days off you can take a bote to Panajachel or a bus to Santiago Atitlan and whatever you want!

As a volunteer writing this, i feel real comfortable here. Andres the owner is very attentive that nothing is missing and the volunteers are well. He loves to talk a lot and hold frequent team meetings. There is usually a lot to do so it is necessary to create a project agenda and focus on volunteer tasks. We work together with lovely women from Guatemala, they are responsible for the general cleaning (bathrooms, rooms and beds) and we have to maintain order in the kitchen and shared spaces.

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It is a quiet place in a very local town which was great to experience. The work itself was a bit unclear and not communicated well in the beginning which made it hard. However, it did improve after asking for a clearer schedule.
In the social media role you get the chance to be creative and come up with content ideas. I also did other tasks such as feeding the pets, helping with reception, cleaning the kitchen, and cooking dinner.

about 1 month ago



Andrés fue muy amable, por desgracia tuve un accidente y el me ayudo mucho!!! la verdad muy agradecida con encantó mi estadía aquí!

about 1 month ago

Andrés replied

Fue un gusto tenerte como parte del equipo en Casa Qatzij, Bele. Me alegro que pudiste recuperar después del accidente. Aquí siempre tendrás una casa que te recibe con los brazos abiertos!



The guest house is located in a very small village so there's no much to do around, so is nice to save money. It's nice if you have another job, so you can do both in your days. To go to another places, you must take a boat or a bus, which is not far but you just have to wait for the time (they are not so punctual). Was nice for me because I had time for myself and Andres allowed me to teach yoga for the guests, as parte of one of my tasks.

about 1 month ago



I had the best time in Casa Qatzij!! The 2 weeks I‘ve been there were very relaxing and helped me learn more about social media. Andrés is such a warm-hearted person and the whole team made me feel welcomed since the beginning! I also loved to go on walks with their dog Qatzij and I enjoyed every meal we had together as a family :)
In general I can really recommend this volunteering for everyone.
Thank you for having me !

2 months ago

United States


This was an amazing experience for me! I absolutely loved my time at Casa Qatzij and would recommend it in a heartbeat. I had a very comfortable stay, fed well, and the work wasn't overly difficult or demanding.. Andrés is great at working with each individual to give them the tasks that they're most comfortable with. He's very flexible with work hours and days off and works well with the volunteers.

4 months ago

Andrés replied

It was a great pleasure to have you as part of the Casa Qatzij team, Mo. Thanks for recommending us! Look forward to our paths crossing again!

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