Child's Life Foundation Uganda

We have a main house, self contained, seating room, enclosed in a gate, has electricity and water inside, 5x6 bed with a mosquito net and repellents. Above all with a coffee making machine and local coffee.

We shall be able to provide breakfast, lunch and supper only for our volunteer during their voluntary works.

Working and interacting with different people hence allowing volunteers to not only build personal relationships, but also to learn about African culture from a local perspective. Expect to see the animals of the savannahs (lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, leopard) and up to 15 primate species, including gorillas and chimps, falls and hiking!!! All the about sights are in different districts of Uganda.....


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Emma and Sharon were great hosts with who we spent some magical moments. Thanks for everything that you made us live and discover !
Their project is at its very beginning which means that the volunteer missions are mainly about building the identity of the foundation, finding ideas to help the neediest kids...etc.
The 4 first kids of the project with who we spent an amazing full day are very cute and very touching. Unfortunately we were not staying at the same place of theirs so it has been hard to build a strong link with them.
We wish a very good future to the foundation and the kids.

over 4 years ago

Webisa replied

Thank you so much for your volunteer work. May all your efforts be repaid to you in good karma and fortune. Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you do. You bring positive aura around you and inspire all of us to work even harder

Victor and Arielle were really great volunteers that taught us a lot and inspired our kids always gave them a smile it was a short time but really a blessed moment with joy,,

trust me if you host them its a pleasure ..

thanks @Victor and Arielle.

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