Cause they are going to be happy, cacao contains more than 300 of properties and some of them act in our brain releasing neurotransmitters responsables of our emotions.

We are not a staff, we are a family. We are a group of people in different places who fight for the same result the preservation and natural utilization of Cacao in Mexico. Family in Mexico is love, comprehension, support, company, good talks and good meals.


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I stayed with Isaac for a week and what can I say? It was a blast. He is an amazing host and he made my time in Puerto Angel super special by taking me to local spots, restaurants, beaches and Partys. Actually it didn’t feel like work, more like staying with a friend.
My tasks regarding the pictures for his Social Media were super chill and I could also learn a lot about cacao and meet local producers. I would highly recommend volunteering at chocolahj. :)

4 months ago



isaac esa una muy muy buena persona y muy buen compa :) es muy chill y cae muy bien :) pude conocer la playa zipolite y tener unas buenas aventuras.
respecto al trabajo, es un poco difícil hacerlo cuando no hay internet en la casa :(
con isaac tendrás que ser proactivo y proponer cosas tu, el no acarrea gente que no quiere trabajar 👍👍👍
otro dato viajero!! isaac no lo ha actualizado pero las comidas van de tu parte, ten eso en cuenta :)) suerte!!

8 months ago



Conocer Zipolite, Puerto Angel y Mazunte fue realmente hermoso tanto por sus paisajes como culturalmente. Fue una gran experiencia de mucho aprendizaje personal. Isaac es una gran persona, y poder adentrarme en el mundo del cacao es maravilloso. Agradecida por cada momento. ✨

9 months ago



Isaac is a very warm and welcoming person who cares about the people coming to his project. He let us stay with him and at the cocoa farm. The latter was a real highlight as we experienced nature really closely, especially when flying the drone there. He did everything to make us feel good and after getting to know him better became a real friend. Would recommend staying with him and hope we stay in contact, mate :)

10 months ago



Thanks Isaac for this great experience - the best of both worlds (social media & cocoa). It has truly been amazing to learn about cocoa and going to the farm together. We stayed 3 days in the nature with the family that plants the cocoa beans and 1 week in Zipolite with Isaac. The nature location is breathtaking as it is in the highlands with the most beautiful river (could be compared to a natural whirlpool). We traveled as a couple and Isaac made it very easy for us and let us have flexible working hours. At the same time we spent time with the 3 of us and explored the area on his motorbike.

10 months ago

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