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We are proud to call ourselves a great hostel. Smack bang in the city centre with 35 staff members from all over the world, both full time, part-time and managers. Our volunteers with being part of a family, have fun, enjoy the city, party, play games, learn better English, experience big events and connect with other people.

Everyone is the same, no matter where they are from, who they are, what skills or jobs they had before. Everyone is welcome with us. All staff gets on really well and are very good and getting new people enganged and feel at home. They all go out together, play games, have un, dance, party, enjoy life together, train and teach each other ;) Its one big familiy


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Hostel located in an amazing position, this will give you the chance to easily reach a lot of places. Tasks, working hours and shifts are tough tho, amazing colleagues.

about 1 month ago



The Downtown is very well located, it has a very fun bar and most of the staff is great! Regarding the comforts, I consider that not having an oven/kitchen available for the volunteers and the staff is uncomfortable, especially in stays of several weeks, you can hardly ever cook. As for cleaning, in some sectors it is not optimal. I stayed for less time than agreed, due to changes in personal plans, but comfort also influenced my decision. Anyway, I think it's a good volunteer for short stays :)

about 2 months ago



no recomiendo este lugar, fiesta todos los días y el trabajo es mas pesado que el de los propios trabajadores, mala organización, no la llegue a conocer a la anfitriona hasta después de empezar a trabajar. por suerte nuestra pieza era solo de chicas y se respetaba el silencio y el orden, pero luego la cambiaron a una pieza mixta, me retiré antes del lugar porque era muy incómodo vivir ahí, muy difícil cocinar, a veces no se podía tener un lugar tranquilo donde comer, no teníamos donde lavar ropa y el lugar estaba muy poco higiénico, hasta hubo un brote de rotavirus en mi instancia y enferme.

about 2 months ago

Isabella replied

Dear Macarena. We are in no way perfect, but its really not true that all our volunteers were not happy, we still have volunteers from when you were because they enjoy it. I also think perhaps it just wasnt a good match at all. Hope you enjoy Denmark



La ciudad es increíble y el hostel también,tendrás toda la diversión que quieras es acogedor cara al cliente.Los trabajadores super bien me ayudaron en todo lo que pudieron.Pero con respecto al voluntariado desde mi humilde opinión,no es un hostel al cual recomendaría,por las instalaciones para los voluntarios y tampoco su manager es cercana ni considerada con los voluntarios.Por ejemplo:no puedes decir que hay una cocina habilitada para nosotros,cocina en la cocina del bar.(que si hay mucho trabajo en el bar,No puedes cocinar).O Cocinar en una habitacion donde están los barriles de cervesa

2 months ago



So my stay at the hostel was very short. I arrived on a Monday evening and no one knew that I was coming (even though I confirmed the trip in the app). The room where I was supposed to stay was not ready (the place where my mattress was supposed to be was used by other people as storage). So after two days I had not started working, just sitting around doing nothing much and with no real contact to the manager. On Wednesday I was supposed to change rooms but it was not free until 18:00 when I decided to get a hotel room, since the staff room was way too full and in very unsanitary condition.

3 months ago

Isabella replied

Dear Paul
Thank you for review, however people did know you were coming and staff were advised to make the bed ready but unfortunately do to a misunderstanding another volunteer wasnt leaving until a day later so yes we had to put you in another room for a few days.
The staff room has 8 beds with 5 people so plenty of space.

The reason why you were "waiting around" as you say is that I was really sick at home and wasnt at work those days, which I know you were told and that I would return the thursday, the day you left. So of course im sorry I wasnt there to greet you but I was sick and had you waited till the next day I would have been there. So I really dont think your review is fair plus I did write you an apology on this platform afterwards as well.

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