Ecolodge Katarma

Katarma Ecolodge is a very artistic place, finely decorated with tile-work and full of mosaics and sculptures. It is a very special place in San Cristobal island, very similar to the Gaudis houses in Barcelona, Spain. We welcome tourist and volunteers from all around the world!

Me myself I am an artist, a painter and also a novel writer. Together with my father we have made many sculptures all around the island. I have been working with volunteers for many years, and I had more than 50 volunteers in other webpages, like Help x and Workaway, and never had any problem or issue with them. I do require the volunteers to be honest and respectful with our rules and customs inside the hotel. The tasks are quite simple, and multiple too, and most of the time flexible. It would be nice if the volunteer can speak many languages, since he or she will be in touch with guests from many countries.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature



Yoga / Meditation


Adventure Sports