Elbasan Backpackers Hostel

Our house is surrounded by nature, there are almost no neighbours, and we're 10 minutes away from a big lake.

It's like a trip in time, you'll feel like living in another age. Via Egnatia (an old Roman path) is just in front of the house and there are also many trekking paths to do.

You'll be sharing the home with Uran and Habibe (60 years old), my uncle and aunt. You'll be treated very nicely. Initially food isn't included, but if they like you, they'll probably invite you to join them for food. This will be a cultural exchange, they like having people around in the house as they're very isolated and the house is really big. You're just expected to help in the house as a normal family.


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I had a perfect experience, I couldn't have chosen a better place. Elbasan is a quiet town, the hosts are friendly, and there is a good relationship with the volunteers. Working hours are respected. The hostel is very family friendly, and we feel like we don't want to leave. I had a wonderful experience.

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Host, he very busy working times at Tirana met each other a little bit about 2 days on condition he picks up me but he was very busy I went there myself almost I spending times with his mum ' Fatima ' we spending times together big hug feel like family; made challenge life; apply mindset 'how to communicate local owner business she spoke a little English sometimes we understand each other with body language / google translate / knowledge homemade bread foods organic grape many fruits nature; fresh dances cooks; yoga; massage; thank you appreciate her invite the traveler

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