Escolinha Itacoatiara

We hope you can come to the Amazon and stay with us! Accommodation is free, but you pay your food and transport, and also some teaching material as paper if you want to use. You can teach the children from the neighborhood everything you know or like to teach like the very basics of English or Spanish, maths, painting, singing, dancing.... its up to you ;-) Volunteers at the Escolinha have to organize their stay and lessons totally by themselves if there is no other volunteer at the same time! This is a non-profit, non-political and a non-religious project! Our calendar, we have two double-beds in the dormitory but a lot of space to put hammocks:: For more info, check our CS profile or or homepage: Anthony from Malta made a nice but too long 35 min video about his stay at the Escolinha:

Alex is living in Europe and organizing everything via internet, Donna Maria and her sons Emerson and Denis are living next door to the Escolinha and will help you with everything, but they do not speak any English, but they have already helped to host more than 60 groups in the last 3 years. For young female volunteers that come alone in a time where no other volunteers are at the Escolinha the neighborhood and all the situation can be frightened and scary, at the weekend there can be very drunken people in the neighborhood. Also Donna Marias husband Poro is a lovely person, but if he is drunken he can be very annoying.

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Fiquei uma semana na escolinha e foi uma experiência sensacional! As crianças são muito amorosas e interessadas em aprender, o que deixa o clima da escolinha super leve e agradável. Foi extramente engradecedor poder vivenciar um cotidiano diferente do meu e conviver com outros voluntários muito especiais. Vim embora com vontade de poder ficar muito mais tempo por lá. O Alex foi atencioso conosco e eu super recomendo a experiência. Sem dúvida alguma me acrescentou muito como pessoa e me fez muito feliz nos dias que estive por lá. Vale a pena!!! =)

19 days ago


It is a completely life-changing experience. The circumstances can be really hard at the beginning, but the learnings and memories you are going to get from your stay at the Escolinha are definitely worthy. The kids are miraculous, always expecting your love and attention. Thank you very much, Alex, for your incredible work and for offering us, the volunteers, this indescribable experience!

8 months ago



The school is great when it comes to passing things that are useful for a successful future for children.

Does the World respect those children?
The truth is that we must at all times be aware that we are in an oppressed region and with people who are very exploited by a cruel system. So requiring a learning from them will never be too much.
We know that children who study in the best private schools in Brazil learn three languages, have theater, swimming, among other things. So our maximum effort is the least we can offer.
I think the Itacoatiara students deserve a chance!

9 months ago


A Escolinha Itacoatiara é um desafio desses que nós brasileiros, se quisermos um país radicalmente diferente, devemos assumir. É uma das poucas chances (pelo menos que eu tenha encontrado na região Norte do país) de um viajante assumir um papel transformador e tentar desenvolver um trabalho social. Mas vá preparado para o melhor e o pior. Pense nela também como um investimento em si mesmo: ao descobrir seus limites , ao se sentir desafiado a transpor barreiras físicas e psicológicas -sobretudo para quem vai passar longa estadia- ao procurar bonficações em coisas muito simples. Boa Sorte!

9 months ago


I loved the experience, it was surely very different from all of my other trips. The place and the neighbourhood are extremely simple, but I got used to it very fast. The kids are really lovely, although it can be a little messy when there are lots of them. I was a little insecure about how to deal with them, but at the end they are just happy for being there with someone who cares about them. Congratulations to Alex for this beautiful initiative!

12 months ago

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