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We offer a wonderful experience of getting immersed in a Romanian lifestyle. We currently have a great team of people from 5 different countries working full-time with us (from Romania, Brazil, USA, UK and Azerbaijan). Most of them started as volunteers. We love receiving people from all around the world and providing them an amazing transcultural experience.

We consider ourselves a big family. We try our best to make everyone that comes and volunteers with us to feel like home. For us, the most important thing is to create an environment where the kids feel loved and cared for.

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I had a wonderful and heartwarming experience! Meeting the incredible, warm and friendly staff, interacting with the children, and connecting with other volunteers opened my eyes in so many ways. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit Roma village and attend a church service this had enriched my journey with a deep cultural perspective. I'm truly grateful for this unforgettable experience! Thank you❤️

4 days ago

United States


I had an incredible time at Finding Hope! They made me feel like family the moment I arrived and the kids are so so so wonderful and full of energy. There is never a full moment with them! The staff are amazing and undeniably kind, understanding, and accommodating. Never worry about being hungry because Clarissa’s meals are so delicious and so filling. The town is also such a cute place to walk around. I made memories here I will never forget and plan to be back soon 😊

15 days ago

South Africa


My time at Finding Hope flew by! I could not have asked for a better experience. The village is beautiful, the home was comfortable and the food was delicious. But the best part was the people. Junior, his family and the rest of the staff are a truly committed and passionate team. The children are extraordinary! I enjoyed every minute I spent with them, whether it was failing at doing a backflip on the trampoline or learning a new board game with ever changing rules! :) I will definitely be back!

17 days ago

United States


My time at Finding Hope was truly life changing. I met people that will be my forever-friends and I felt welcomed as part of the family while I was there. Clarisa's homemade cooking for meals was always fabulous and more than I felt I deserved. The boys are so playful and I only wish I got to get to know them more! The tasks are simple and divided well. I really want to come back someday!

26 days ago



Volunteering around kids with a natural enviroment is something that I recommend to everyone. It is a very sincere environment. Even tho I volunteered a week because of my school. In this short time I felt like a home. Also THE FOODS. Omg. They were not only meals, they were super delicious and homemade! Im really glad that I joined this family. Kids are so fun and they are very intelligent. Im happy that I got the opportunity to meet with them. They thought me a lot. :)))

29 days ago

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