Flourish The Permaculture Project

“Often in the middle of nowhere is where you find yourself.”

About the project:

Flourish the Permaculture Project was founded in 2018 to promote permaculture and alternative ways of living. We strive to create a better future for further generations by teaching about renewable and sustainable ways of living. We are creating a model of a productive system for people from all over the world to come and learn from and with us.


Flourish is remotely situated in the south of Namibia on the Tiaras Mountain range. Besides for our satellite internet we are 100% off grid. We produce our own solar energy and pump our own water. Flourishes’ location is perfect for people who really want to get in touch with nature.

Things we do:

Primarily we are greening the desert, planting food producing gardens (food forests and agroforestry),make compost, apply rainwater harvesting techniques on large scale, make use of alternative energy, natural building, raising animals, food preservation and processing plus much more.

Since the project covers so many diverse fields of farming, I am sure we will find just the right thing for you.

Activities :

We offer a wide range of activities such as game viewing day or night, star glazing, hiking, mountain climbing, meditation, yoga, photography, camping, hunting, horseback riding and more.

What volunteers we are looking for:

This opportunity is for those who really want to get involved and make a difference.
We are looking for open minded nature loving volunteers with a can do attitude. Be ok with physical tasks. We welcome those who are ready to go the extra mile.

You should be able to look after yourself and not depend on us to make your experience enjoyable. Be ready to get out there and do something awesome each day.

Additional information:

Being so remote and isolated from the rest of Namibia we offer to pick you up and drop off in either Windhoek or Mariental given that the transport costs are covered. Other pickup and drop-off locations might be considered upon request.

________________________________________ My name is Florian Izko, founder of Flourish. I live here on farm Landsberg and will make sure you have a unforgettable experience learning about the Namibian ways and permaculture. languages: English,German,Italian, Spanish,Afrikaans.


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United Kingdom


I had a great time at Flourish TPP, I didn't have any experience before volunteering here. Flo was a great teacher, very patient and super passionate about what he was doing. My time was split 50/50 doing farming and content which I enjoyed and we got lots done which was great! In the evenings/weekends, we would go on sunset walks and game drives (even got to see some Zebras). This is a super beautiful and very unique place, I enjoyed the free time soaking up nature and landscape. Flo was super easy to get on with and I would recommend this to anyone.

20 days ago

Florian replied

It was a absolute pleasure having you =)



Amazing opportunity to spend time in nature and learn about permaculture! Living at a desert was a great experience that helped me expand my knowledge of sustainability for which I am very grateful. Sadly, Flo (the host) made my time at the farm quite hard. His way of being, especially communication style and limited flexibility made it hard for us to cooperate.

about 2 months ago

Florian replied

Hi Wiktoria.

Thank you for your review. Im very glad you enjoyed the farm and everything the project has to offer. Please understand that this is a exchange and not a service as there are no fees involved. For me(Flo) and the project it is very important that the exchange makes sense interns of giving and taking. When we get volunteers like yourself that do the bare minimum and at the same time waste and damaging our materials by being negligent and causing 3 week setbacks then it is likely that your host will not be very happy.

On your second day I offed to take you back and end your experience as I already knew that we will have a bumpy ride. You chose to stay and use our facility.

Further more regarding my flexibility. On our profile we state that you need to be able to look after yourself and not depend on us to make your experience enjoyable. I help to manage and maintain a massive farm with staff livestock and tourist. This operation requires structure and therefore I can not spend all day with volunteers. That being said I love to spend time with volunteers that integrate and show interest and initiative like Fynn and his family that visited us during your time here. You will also see that they have made amazing reviews on social media.

All that aside I apologize for giving you a hard time. I wish you all the best for the future and a bright life filled with joy.

Regards. Flo flo.

United Kingdom


This volunteering has been a good learning opportunity, I was able to expand my knowledge of farm life in such a climate and learn what type of plants are able to live in the desert. It gave me the opportunity to help the environment by cleaning the desert, also making some grow beds and planting trees.

about 2 months ago



I had a really indescribable time on the Farm together with Flo !
Most of the time we worked together on things in the new house or on the farm and Flo shared his diverse knowledge with me.
In my free time I could look at everything closely, hike, watch animals, cook with Flo, play Uno, learn ukulele, cuddle and play with the dogs, feed fish and most important have a great time !
Flo is super sociable and my stay was more than positive !

7 months ago



Incredible experience in the middle of the Namibian desert. Florian is passionate about permaculture and he knows how to transmit his knowledge and his passion. I recommend it to all those who want to be in contact with nature and leave an impact for the future.

11 months ago

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