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Often in the middle of nowhere is where you find yourself. About the project: Flourish The Permaculture Project was founded in 2018 to promote permaculture and alternative ways of living. We strive to create a better future for further generations by teaching about renewable ways of living. We are creating a model of a productive system for people from all over the world to come and learn from and with us. location: Flourish is remotely situated in the south of Namibia on the tiaras mountain range. Besides for our satellite internet we are 100% off grid. We produce our own solar energy and pump our own water. All the farm animals, wild life, hiking trails and yoga spots etc. make the location perfect for people who really want to get in touch with nature. This is the perfect place to get away from all that is happening in the world right now. Things we do: Raising animals, Greening the desert, make compost, planting food producing gardens (food forests and agriforestry),apply rainwater harvesting techniques on large scale,make use of alternative energy, natural building food preservation and processing, leather work, training wild horses hunting and much more. Since we do so many different things in different fields of farming, I am sure we will find just the right thing for you Activity's: We offer a wide range of activity's like Horse back ridding, game viewing day and night, star glazing, hiking, mountain climbing,meditation, yoga, photography, camping, hunting, and more. What volunteers we are looking for. We are looking for open minded nature loving volunteers. You should be flexible and have a can do attitude.

My name is Florian Izko, born in 1994 founder of Flourish. I live here together with my Cousin Thomas(The cow boy), his wife Addi (the leather lady) and their child Bex (the baby). As a team we will make sure you have a unforgettable experience learning about the Namibian ways and permaculture. languages: English,German,Italian, Spanish,Afrikaans.

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