Giardino Botanico e B&B "Nova Arbora"

This place was born as a Botanical Garden cured by my parents, Donatella & Giorgio, for the past 30 years, hosting many different species of common and rare plants. We have different areas in our property: a botanical garden around the house, a horticulture garden 400m from home, different size of ponds, a really old Chestnuts forest, we also have few cats.

My name is Andrea, I am 29 and I have been travelling the last 5 years around the world to get to know different culture and languages. I loved it and I want more people to have the same fantastic experience volunteering at my place in Italy. We are located in the middle of the Natural Reserve called “Il Contrafforte Pliocenico” on the hills of Bologna, which got beautiful trekking route such as the Via degli Dei, the famous trekking route which link Bologna to Florence in just 4-5 days of trekking, mountain biking or horse riding! With my parents, Giorgio and Donatella we also run a small B&B where we host people passing by the Via degli Dei(track going from bologna to Florence) or just occasional guests but our labor need is mostly for the garden.

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