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We doing Organic farm also DIY program and our destination in plantation method is Permaculture’s and plastic less in our farm. We are beginner and need more advise from experience guest about effective way to reach our destination faster.

We just start for organic farm, so far we don’t use machine and animal base fertilizer in our plantation. Our project is natural and traditional style.


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I cannot possibly recommend this host. I appreciate Worldpackers' policy of not allowing insults or accusations because I don't want to be too helpful :) I have 100% positive feedback from YEARS of farm hand work. If you'll assume that I'm not actually narcissistic, I'll leave it to you to read between the lines... and the reviews, including from other platforms. Another thing: it's not remote & woolly. It's just far away.

5 months ago

Yudika replied

Thanks for comment , it’s different with actually comment that your ll give good impression in here.

So I I’ll open anything

I completely not recommended this guest also.

We have explain anything early. And you agree for it.

You must be honestly to open to your get about you condition currently.

We just told our location and you understand for it.

And be honest to use your host ware specially for washing dirty shoes on washing machine , dispose cigarettes waste and collected in plastic that we tolld before.
Tell you host of you allergic form earl and dislike for food and dont disposed it without we known.and be tidy in your room.

And without any greeting in last day even if we take on last day .

All that you wrote in your profile are extremely opposite with actually in yours.

Be positive and there are merit from inconvenience.
Everything is not convenience and prepared by itself,its need process bro.



Yudika-san and his family are very welcoming and I feel grateful for all they’ve shared with me and how accommodating they were, eg when I didn’t have a data SIM yet (do get one if you go here). But being the only volunteer in a remote place and living in such close quarters with a small family was a bit uncomfortable for me. I like to have more personal space and be more independent, which was hard since there are no buses so I relied on the family and their car. Hours, schedules and tasks often changed which wasn’t always communicated clearly. I did learn a lot about permaculture and farms.

5 months ago

Yudika replied

Kyra san,

Thanks for your Stayed here.

Basically we are not hardworking farm.
we do
This activity with less budget.

Our purpose is not bussines farm for first, but family daily need for food, until it’s become stable(trial and error still being developed)

We are still learning everything, schedule and everything.

We are in remote place and we communicated it before come here . And everything I wrote on our profile . That’s why we need video call before to make deal agreement before coming in.

We are to our best for you at that time(eg with rent my care space for your online and find place for wifi )

Hopefully everything open mind if there are in comfortable or unpleasant at same time.



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