Grace Academy Primary School

As a traveler, they should have the responsibility to share their knowledge to the future generations to come. So that they can make an impact on travel by teaching the younger generation.

I'm Lakpa Dawa Cerpa, from Lungzik. I have 4 more teachers to run the school. We give freedom of work for the volunteers here. Also they get to stay in the mountains with a view.


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I must say from first day itself Dawa Sir was polite & he even came to pick me up at Geyzing.He has a very small school in the west sikkim just 6km from the tourist Town Pelling. The school is cute & so were the kids. I was lucky enough to be there before teachers day, so I could attend & be a part of the celebration. I don't think I will ever find host this good & the work this satisfying teaching eager and cute kids. Even all other teachers were helpful and thanks Dawa Sir, Hangama mam & saloni mam for great local food & for great first worldpacker experience.
I wish I could write more.


Dawa replied

Thanks Shubam for being so helpful :-)
And we also had a good time with you being here.

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