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1. Volunteer will learn local language which is Kiswahili and Culture in general

2. Volunteer will learn to cook African foods local foods which is Ugali is the common foods.

3. Volunteer will be able visit the famous open second hand market in Moshi(Maimolia market). This is the huge open market in Tanzania where they sell eg.shoes, clothes, beds lines, towel, bags ect.

4. learning our tradition songs and dancing with local people, learning how to make arts and craft, practice sport in our community ground which will be great opportunity to get involved with local people and our students.

5. You will be able to meet with maasai community in our place witnessing their wedding, local dance and traditional.

6. Moshi is the tourist city which you will be able to witnessing the HIGHEST MOUNT IN Africa which is KILIMANJARO MOUNTAIN.

7. We will be able to organize your Safari to Serengeti, Ngorongoro crater, Hiking Kilimanjaro and Meru Hiking, Zanzibar beach and Day tour to Materuni, Chemka hot spring and Maasai Boma tour by Bikes or Car.

Hello Friends! Volunteer will be treated in respectful way as we have great experience of culture exchange. Stay with us for while teaching our children and English language , culture, knowledge and skills to our place in Bomang'ombe which is 20km from Moshi-Tanzania. This a second town from Moshi town which is very closer from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) . You will need to pay $ 10 for tax from Airport to host house. We have two places where GUEST will choose to stay at Hostel which is safe place around the school where will be interacted by teachers OR May choose to stay to my house (Volunteer Organizer) where he/she will need to use bicycle by going and back which is around 9 minutes. Our children of 1 to 5years at our day care. You will play , teach simple English and Mathematics. Most of them speak Kiswahili. We have This is the most moment for children to acquire knowledge before joining primary school. Most of children in African luck some skills before joining primary level that is why we came with good ideas to this idea. Volunteers will be living in volunteer house with other volunteers or Host, We offer three meals which is breakfast, lunch which will be shared by children when it session time. Volunteer will contribute $ 5 per day for foods and accommodations while staying with us. Welcome to make changes with us.


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I volunteered at the Ewaso Maasai College Trust mainly to promote their portfolio. We improved the website, Social Media, and I taught classes about English and German to the students. The team is eager to do activities during leisure time, such as cycling and hiking around Boma/Moshi. I had a significant cultural exchange and connected with many locals.

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Samson replied

We stayed with Claudio is a amazing guy, he cooperated with us all the time .
He helped us to make a website, taking good pictures and teaching languages.
We had a good time of cycling and camping together at Chemka hot spring in Bomang'ombe.
Appreciate you so much.

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