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Hi, in the summer month the Hostel is really quiet and there is not a lot of work to do. About one/two hours daily. So there is plenty of time to use the car for free (part of the deal) and explore the island.

Help needed from July to October Hi, my name is Manfred. I am from Austria and 63years old. For 15 years i have been running my small Hostel in Tenerife. Having lived there for more then 10years i have decided to live back in Austria in the summer month and therefore i look for people to run the Hostel from !!!!! around April/May TO November!!!!!. The summer month in the Hostel are always very quiet, so there is not a lot to do really - mainly keeping the Hostel clean (really important!! thats why you should be willing and able) and looking after the (few) guests there will be. An important thing to know is that you will run the place on your own - or preferable with a secoond volunteer you will share your room with - even though its not a complicated thing to do - there is a certain amount of responsibility involved. You also wont be alltogether alone - my sister lives in the same town - and will help with questions and problems. So i am looking for a friendly, responsible, open-minded person that can be trusted (there is also the handling of small sums of money involved) that does not mind cleaning, changing and washing sheets ecc. and likes to be a host in general. Average working time per day will be about three to four hours i would say - sometimes there is nothing to do, when there are no guests and no new arrivals and sometimes there (hopefully) might be six or seven people... In return you get of course free accomodation and (instead of food) the use of the car you can explore the island with. So if you would like to run a Hostel for AT LEAST 2 MONTH - or more - get in touch with me, i am looking forward to meeting you!

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