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There is a dream of freedom. There is a life devoid of fear. There is a desire to explore new places and meet new people. There are people who live this dream. They are called adventurers, wanderers, urban nomads or vagabonds. Those who judge them don’t truly understand them. Vagabonds steer clear of them. Those who understand them admire their courage and share their commitment. Vagabonds cherish such company. Vagabond Hostel is the place! Vagabond is located in the very epicenter of all activities, in the central pedestrian zone of Ferhadija Street. We are less than 50-step walking distance from the old town area – Baščaršija, Turkish Ottoman-style bazaars, numerous restaurants and cafes. Despite of this, Vagabond is proud to be able to offer a perfectly quiet and calm refuge from both day-time and night-time street noise, which makes it a perfect choice of urban nomads.

This hostel is a small family run business. Our staff are not our staff, but family members. As we feel that atmosphere is importatnt at work (to feel at home), our guests feel it as well and it has shown to be a very succesufull combination.

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Was really good stay at hostel Vagabond. Maja and Aida were always friendly and sweet, thanks for everything! The tasks are not difficult and you learn everything in the first days. Sarajevo is amazing and I look forward to come back!

4 days ago


Vagabond is a relaxed and nice hostel, very near the historical part of the city!
Sarajevo is a very interesting city, cultural and historically.
I was lucky to see those beautiful mountains with the first snow this winter :D

12 days ago

Aida replied

Dear Flor, thank you for being a part of our family. We wish you all the luck!


Outstanding experience! Aida and her team made my two month in Sarajevo be like a holiday with a family. I have a great time, the job was super relax and flexible, I was able to travel on my free time and make a lot new friends.
Beautiful hostel, in an amazing building and a fantastic location.
We are now friends and I will be definately going back to work with them or to visit and catch up.
I super recommend Hostel Vagabonds!

about 1 month ago

Aida replied

Oh my friend, we miss you already. Good luck with everything and hope to see you soon.


Hi! I'm Juliana and I'm a Scout from Worldpackers team :) Aida runs the hostel which is located in her family's former house once destroyed during the Bosnian war, full of history. She is passionate about her job and the hostel, making her a lovely host - cozy decorations, warm environment, cheery rakjia drink... She is funny, friendly and very hospitable. You'll have free coffee and tea all day, and working with Aida will be a great cultural experience. Cheers!

over 2 years ago

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