Jasper Hall Permaculture Farm

Do you dream of living in a stunning hinterland setting?
Are you highly motivated and ready to share your awesome skills?

Our community farm, nestled in the heart of Upper Coopers Creek between breathtaking national parks,
is calling your name! With a rich heritage of indigenous and frontier history,
years of alternative community culture, our farm is a place like no other.

we’ve been all about community development, sustainable land practices, land rehabilitation, and self-reliance.
We've faced fires, hail, floods, and even a virus, but nothing can keep us down!
We're resilient and always looking to the future.

We’re on the lookout for fun, skilled, and motivated volunteers to join our small but mighty team.
From enhancing our water supplies and energy self-sufficiency to rocking media development projects, there's always something exciting happening here.

Join us as we rebuild, maintain, renovate, and expand our farm, step by step.
Be a part of our big vision to create a vibrant hub for our friends, family, and the wider valley community.

Sound like your kind of adventure? We’d love to have you on board!

Andi, Mod and Jasper

Andi traveled the world, started a farm in the Amazon, lived in an intentional community for 7 years in Nimbin, then started Jasper Hall in 1996 with a few friends. From 2011-2018 he lived in Asia and came back to pursue the dream. Mod, the Thai tailwind who turns dreams into reality, excels in organising and coordinating most of volunteer aspects. Jasper, a young man with a deep-rooted connection to the land where he grew up. Eager to learn and grow, he is dedicated to understanding and preserving the natural environment that has shaped his life. For the past 30 years we have had over thousand of volunteers on our community farm. Jasper Hall is an egalitarian community, based on earth values. Volunteers are part of our extended family, we usually work with them and have fun together.

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Jasper Hall is a Magical Place to work at, I met some awesome people, one I would even say felt like a brother to me, he took me around on my days off which was an experience I'll never forget.

I created my review on a YouTube Video as I can express more here: https://youtu.be/b-UZ1-u9J9g

In that video you can see the videos I created and also see some of the Jungle Paradise. I would highly recommend Jasper Hall, I experienced, learnt and enjoyed a lot while creating videos.

The Owners Andi, Mod + Jasper and the Community really helped me with anything that I required, Very Grateful.

about 2 months ago

andi replied

It has been a pleasure to have Jecerey stay with us! thank you so much for the amazing videos and footage you have produced for us!!!

United States


Jasper Hall is absolutely beautiful and filled with a unique and cultured crew. I had to cut my stay short but wish I could have had more time. Andi and Mod were accommodating and more than understanding when I had to depart

3 months ago

United States


Andi and Mod were fantastic hosts. I had a wonderful time filming the beautiful area and the people who make it such a unique place. Getting to know the other residents / volunteers at a shared meal or exploring the local area were also huge bonuses. I hope I can come back one day!

6 months ago

andi replied

it was great having you here! thanks for all your help and the beautiful media footage. it was fun spending time with you!



Mod and Andi are extremely kind people, they listen to everyone's skills. I learned a lot. Thanks to them, I was able to do work that I enjoyed and have an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much. See you soon I hope !

8 months ago

South Africa


My time at Jasper Hall was incredible!
I have gained so much worldly knowledge and was given opportunities to learn new skills as well as practice and fine tunes skills I already have. I felt very valued by the community and they made my time there very special to me. It was hard work but as a volunteer nothing was ever too much. The hosts were very understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and we were able to find the best activities for me.

Jasper Hall is a work of natural art, curated and designed by Andi Islinger

The friends I made and the experiences we shared I will always cherish

9 months ago

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