Ko Rat Project

We want to help less fortunate student who are 80% students around Thailand who can not have chance to learn English from foreign teacher and no budget enough to hire English Thai teacher. And we also know we can not change Thailand by ourselves. We can make only success model from 1 school to many more until we get enough successful stories and model from the work including small and rural area like these schools then we can help Thailand.

Our Commitment : 1. Thai students will gain experience speaking English by having close contact with English speaking foreigners. 2. Our students will become motivated to learn to speak English in an easy way. Not through books only, but by participating in fun based activities. 3. Our student will realize the benefit of Social Responsibility. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Mission : 1. Encourage kids to speak English (2010) 2. Show kids the benefits of English communication skills (2010) 3. Show kids the benefits of Social Responsibility (2018) E

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