Makuyu Education Initiative

We are very transparent, accountable, and efficient organization that deeply cares about the children and wants to make a real difference in their lives.

Our staff is relatively small: we have several officers and board members living in the States . The staff in Kenya include a manger, a caretaker, a cook, a guard, and an officer. The volunteers will be treated with respect. We are very grateful to all those who come to help.


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I had a wholesome experience volunteering at MEI. The staff were friendly and made my stay comfortable. Thank you to Pauline, Helen, Lilian, Francis…😊. The children are super awesome and so friendly, they are ever smiling and trust that you will receive a lot of hugs 🫂 . I enjoyed spending time with them as well as volunteering in the kitchen. I learnt how to make chapati. I highly recommend volunteering at MEI.

10 months ago



Pavel offers to the children: quality education, food all day long, a place where they can feel safe… The staff also does an incredible job.
However, I think the project and the missions of the volunteer side must be rethought. For having done several volunteer missions before, there is very little work to do in Makuyu as a volunteer. We agreed with the other volunteers on this point, which unfortunately can make the days very long.
So before to come, be sure that other responsibilities and tasks are thought out and put in place… at the risk of feeling very little useful.

11 months ago

Pavel replied

Dear Manon,

I appreciate your constructive respond. We transitioned from a children's school to a pre-school after the pandemic hit. While we were a children's home, the children were with volunteer 24/7. However, now, we need to restructure the program a little bit to take into account what volunteers can do when the children are no longer with us. We appreciate you coming and hope you'll visit us again.

United States


The staff including the teachers and the cooks were very good to me. I appreciated how either Helen or Lillian would cook for us and make sure the volunteers had enough to eat, and hot bathing water. The facilities could be improved. The toilet was a hole in the ground and the bathing room could not be latched from the inside. I requested some nails on the inside of the door so clothes could be hung instead of being put on the floor. A new building was being built when I left, they said would have running water instead of having to fetch it out of a well.

12 months ago



An amazing experience. The duties consist of daily activities, laundry, cleaning and cooking. I hope I have been useful, the kids are away most part of the day but one tries to get good quality moments with them while they are there. I filled my heart of love, I will miss the good nights kiss. Love you all, hope to meet you again !!

over 4 years ago



I had the best experience of my life! The kids and the children’s home are amazing! You learn about the truth love and what is really important in this life! I loved so much my days there and I already miss everyone! ♥️

over 4 years ago

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