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If you like children and want to be a teacher (or enjoy working with them, or already worked as a teacher somewhere else), you will gain a lot of experience, communicating daily with our teachers. You will see, how the teaching programs are created, how we deal with individual difficulties, how the work with parents is built and how bilingual education works.
We will also show you around, tell you all you would like to know about the culture, life, studies and work in Germany; we will help you to learn German language.
There are plenty of things to explore around here - nature, architecture, cultural life. From Hanover you can travel around the whole Lower Saxony (even to the North Sea), walk through the beautiful little towns and even hike (or ski) in the Harz mountains.

We are a little educational center for bilingual kids: those who live in Germany and have Russian, Turkish or Polish as second (or first) native language. Normally those kids can speak German fluently, but don't have many opportunities to practice their other mother tongue. We are supporting the bilingual education helping our guests not to forget and even to improve their language skills while taking part in a big variety of interesting activities (workshops, camps, guided tours, theater plays etc.). We don't get any support from the government (yet), so lots of things are done on a voluntarily basis: that means everyone whom you are going to meet in the center does plenty of unpaid work. For everyone of us it's something we are really passionate about.

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South Korea


It was fun and new experience that I had in Germany. I got to know that there are many Russian immigrants and Ukraine refugees in Germany, and that it is good for kids to have an opportunity to learn their mother tongue. Even though, they are not living in Russia. The kids were lovely and joyful. Teachers were respectful and kind. Though, I was very shy to speak Russian. I definitely enjoyed just to have listened Russian language. Sometimes host cooked delicious foods. I was also able to cook with the ingredients in there. The host is very hard worker. She works a-lot with lots of passion.

20 days ago

Alexandra replied

Thank you Sonya, it was a pleasure to meet you.



I had an amazing time in Hannover, as my work mostly consisted of exploring places all over the city.
Alexandra instructed me very well on every task, leaving no space for being lost in the meantime. Everything was clear, enjoyable and chill.
I think especially people, who like creative tasks, will find it interesting.
Everyone was very nice and understanding, especially the hosts. Dana - thank you for your kindness and time.
Thank you very much for the opportunity!

3 months ago

Alexandra replied

We were glad to have you around. Have a nice journey and always welcome back!

United States


It was a wonderful experience! I started learning from Day 1 about the unique culture of Germany and from the Eastern European staff and students in the school. Talking to the Russian kids was a worthwhile challenge. Moreover, each task was unique including one that involved exploring Hannover. My favorite part was the unexpected adventures each day. Tasks lasted 4-5 hours per day, leaving the rest of the day to explore, meet locals, and eat.

My every need was met, often before I even asked. Alex and Dana were always extremely friendly and hospitable, even ensuring I was OK when I was sick.

5 months ago

Alexandra replied

Thank you Daniel, it was a pleasure to meet you. Such a pity you got sick during the last days so that in general we have had even less time and chance for informal communication. Hope you are already at home feeling better. Kids are saying hi.



Alexandra y Dana fueron muy buenas anfitrionas, siempre fueron muy amables al igual que las personas que trabajan en la escuela. Al principio costó adaptarme ya que la barrera del idioma es un tema a considerar pero de todas formas los niños y niñas son muy pacientes y nos pudimos dar a entender, además también hay otras labores en las que se puede contribuir.

5 months ago



This was my first volunteer experience and it was fantastic! The kids were lovely , even though I couldn’t speak Russian we tried to communicate through gestures and it was fun playing with them. I went during Christmas time, there were a lot of Christmas events for kids so my task involved preparing stuff for those events and looking after the kids.
The house is very comfy and everything you need is there. Alex and her partner Dana were very nice, we had good chat almost everyday during breakfast and dinner. Special thank you to Dana for making delicious meals!
Thank you for pleasant stay!!

7 months ago

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