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If you like children and want to be a teacher (or enjoy working with them, or already worked as a teacher somewhere else), you will gain a lot of experience, communicating daily with our teachers. You will see, how the teaching programms are created, how we deal with individual difficulties, how the work with parents is built and how bilingual education works. We will also show you around, tell you all you would like to know about the culture, life, studies and work in Germany; we will help you to learn German language. There are plenty of things to explore around here - nature, architecture, cultural life. From Hanover you can travel around the whole Lower Saxony (even to the North Sea), walk through the beautiful little cities and even hike (or ski) in the Harz mountains.

We are a little educational center for bilingual kids: those who live in Germany and have Russian as second (or first) native language. Normally those kids can speak German fluently, but don't have many opportunities to practice their Russian. We are supporting the bilingual education helping our guests not to forget and even to improve their Russian skills while taking part in a big variety of interesting activities (workshops, camps, guided tours, theater plays etc). We don't get any support from the government (yet), so lots of things are done on a voluntairly basis: that means everyone whom you are going to meet in the center does tons of unpaid work: for everyone of us it's mostly a cool hobby.


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Me encantó.. estuve haciendo lo que amo que es pintar y rexibí un trato genial. Me encantó vivir con ellas, un ambiente muy libre y seguro.

7 months ago



I really enjoyed the time at märchenkoffer e.v I had nice tasks which included seeing much of Hannover.Very flexible times and I felt comfortable. They gave me nice food and a place to sleep. All in all it was a nice experience which I would do again☺️

9 months ago

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