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As hosts we work hard to make guests a part of our family. We work together in all aspects of our garden. Our guests share meals and are welcome to participate in meal planning and preparation. Guests have time to enjoy evenings around a campfire roasting sausage and gazing at incredible sunsets, watching stars come out in the dark skies. Guest can also choose to work in one of our fully equipped studios learning the art of pottery. Guests can also choose to learn how to work with glass creating works of art with fused or stained glass. We live 20 km’s from town. Our skies are dark with the air being filled with the sounds of nature from the wind in the trees to the howling of the coyotes you will enjoy a sense of space and the “sounds of silence”. Each season we look forward to meeting new travellers, making new friends and gaining a deeper appreciation for the vast diversity of thought and culture that meeting new travellers brings to our home.

Both my wife and I work alongside the volunteers. Our only staff are volunteers. Our days are flexible and weather dependant. Typically we start work at 8 am and work until lunch. After lunch we take a 3 hour break usually going back to work for an hour or so at 4pm. We eat dinner together at 7pm. Our kitchen is well equipped. Volunteers prepare their own breakfasts and lunch. Should volunteers have special dietary requirements we will ensure we have the necessary food stuff in the pantry. Volunteers may also be asked to help prepare dinner for the group. In all we do we are committed to working together in a manner that is respectful, considerate, and recognizes the unique qualities each of our guests brings. Both my partner and I enjoy pets. We share our home with 2 dogs and 2 cats. As our pets play a significant role in our lives it is important that our guests are okay with living in close contact with dogs and cats.

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