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Hi. I am Shakeeb the caretaker of "Mater Natura" a farm in the beautiful Sabine hills some 60 kms north of Rome. I believe that the future of humanity lies in the adoption of a shared economy which works in harmony with nature. The farm is not a commercial business. The farm covers three hectares with traditionally planted olive trees, a vineyard and fruit tree and a magnificent area suitable for market gardening. Landscaped gardens and meditative spaces surround the farm’s many structures (7 bedroom farmhouse, dining hall & kitchen, traditional wood oven, barn, workshop, sauna & hamam). Since becoming caretaker in late 2020 I have set out to transform the farm towards policulture regenerative agriculture (permaculture and no dig) with the aim of becoming self-sufficient and capable of supporting a vibrant community of eco-conscious travellers. So far the farm has achieved self-sufficiency in electricity. A rainwater harvesting system is being developed, and firewood production organised for heating and cooking. Composting and biomass recycling is being developed to sustain a vegetable garden and the traditional monoculture fruit orchids are being reorganised into food forests. I am interested in the many new eco technologies emerging around the world (mini wind and solar), as well as the many innovative recycling ideas (such as converting petrol cars to electric, repurposing wood pellets) and I would be happy to partner with anyone willing and able to organise an eco-recycling workshop.

You will be expected to work up to a maximum of 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Physical manual work can be done by those without any farming related skills and experience. There is always plenty of work for those with trade skills such as carpentry, plumbing, welding, masonry, etc. You will be expected to help with the household chores at all times, including weekends - preparing meals, food conservation, clearing up, keeping common areas clean & tidy, etc. Household chores are not considered part of your voluntary work. Aiming for self-sufficiency involves learning how to make many of the things we buy. Preparing a meal is not limited to cooking but also involves food processing and conservation (jams, pickling, drying, yogurt, breads, biscuits, etc). You will be expected to participate positively in the social & cultural life of the farm, be ‘situationally aware’ and ‘mindful’ at all times, and be respectful and considerate in your interactions with others. Meal times are important moments in the cultural life of the farm and an opportunity for good conversation and conviviality, as well as practical daily planning and communication. The environment and personal lifestyle choices are a major issue of concern at the farm. If you do not share these concerns, then this is not the place for you. The size and nature of the volunteer community is varied and unpredictable. There are generally 3 to 5 volunteers staying at the farm at any given time, but the number can vary greatly between one and 12.


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You really have contact with nature, I am not vegetarian but I would love to be, do to the garden and pick vegetables was fantastic and people I knew there were incredible. I wish come back in the grapes season that would be awesome.

about 1 month ago

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