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Come help out on an organic avocado farm while experiencing the Andes mountains in Peru, I think it's an opportunity for those who want to get away from the cities and have an experience in nature.
Refresh your soul to lengthen your days!

Located in a beautiful valley in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, we are running a growing organic farming project at an altitude of 1700m. with a warm climate and a land of 100'000m² (currently focused on growing and harvesting avocados). Please let us know or use google translator (translator) if you don't speak Spanish! Some of what we offer includes a warm and welcoming community of people to learn and work with with the opportunity to live in an amazing, remote and peaceful location in the Andes Mountains (see photos!). Raised high in the mountains and far from the rest of the world, he wakes up every morning to a remarkable mountain. There are many things to do in the region, many of the free avocados and the opportunity to experience an invisible side of Peru while living an alternative, sustainable and natural lifestyle, eliminated from society, with a large group of people. My name is Vilzeth, and I am the founder of the organic farming project. I am 44 years old and I am a calm person who loves to laugh, playing chess, go to explore the mountains, write and read. I have a strong vision for this project and a great interest in modern entrepreneurship, organic agriculture and sustainable living. I am looking to start new businesses using the farm as a base, including a small local organic restaurant and accommodation and producing other types of avocado-based products. I live on a large property in the Andes mountains (1 hour from Celendin) with my dog ​​and cat and I am new to WorkAway! We are currently looking for committed, committed, like-minded individuals who are willing to learn, work diligently on set hours while authentically experiencing the Peruvian Andes. People who are interested in a community-based lifestyle and who have knowledge or interest working in organic farming are perfect for our team. See 'What's the most that this project is ideal for people who want a quiet time to learn and reflect on their travels and see a rarely seen side of Peru? Many volunteers have enjoyed the spiritual and personal growth they have experienced (check the comments for an idea of ​​how people have found it), and there is plenty of time for reading, meditation, jamming, cooking, and other activities. Although we are in a fairly remote location, in the Andes Mountains (incredible views, stargazing and bird watching), our property is only an hour to an hour from Celendin by bus (a few hours from Cajamarca airport) We are not connected to the main Power grid, so we have a fully solar battery, which can be used for charging phones and for music and night lights. We do not currently offer food (we are working on this and there will be occasional food provided), but let's have plenty of avocados to eat (a versatile fruit as you will see!) And volunteers can use our firewood and the beautiful wood stove and fire oven (fresh bread and pizza. Food (rice, potatoes, pasta, bread, vegetables, etc.) must be bought at celendin (very cheap local market) before arrival or on days off, there is only a very small shop near our property). The Help: While the main project we have running is avocado trees we are looking to expand and are interested in working with people who have ideas or experience with running lodges, small restaurants and other avocado businesses. One of the top priorities we have is, of course, picking, caring for and caring for the various avocado we have on the property (2000 trees at the moment) and the general house, gardening, planting and the duties of the farm! farm with those we need! However, as we are a relatively new project with plans and resources to continue growing (many types of seeds and space for new projects), we are open to ideas or people with experience and knowledge in this field and there is an abundance of opportunities to offer your Creative opinion for new projects that we are starting in a relaxed and These range from kitchen, general garden, woodwork, art / design and farm work, to help with organization, administration and planning of the project and property to help manage various online platforms and the digital side of the project. Generally 4 hours a day from work (volunteers can choose their hours as we recommend that they start in the morning and that we have the afternoons and afternoons to relax and enjoy as the sun can make work more hard). Times are flexible and can be discussed upon arrival. We work hard during these hours and this is a great opportunity to learn, try something new, make friends, enjoy nature, help innovate and most importantly, be part of a great project and make an impact through of a sustainable project based on a sense of community. Groups welcome! One of the fundamental principles of our project is a respect and love for nature and each other. We have a non-drug policy and we seek to create an environment and culture of friendship and willingness to help and innovate. We do not charge anything to stay here, and we are always happy to have volunteers and visitors come meet us and see the place and decide if they would like to stay and help you. The local people in the region speak Spanish and Quechua, and I have a very basic understanding of English (and a lot of interest in improving - I had help with this description of course haha ​​:)) and usually there will be someone around to help with translation if necessary. If you have any questions or want to know more about the project, send us a message! For those who are interested in learning Spanish, this is a great opportunity, and as we are always trying to improve our English, there is a great language exchange opportunity. There is also an incredible opportunity to join our project, learn and offer new ideas about organic agriculture and sustainable living, separated from society in general through an alternative and natural lifestyle. As we are located in the central mountain range of the Andes, volunteers will wake up, work and explore in the middle of the heart of some of the local cultures and far from any tourist establishment. The people of the region have a very different culture and way of life and we are native Peruvians and we would love to share and learn from each other's culture through friendship, music and, of course, food. Currently our top priority is harvesting and caring for avocado plants. As we use a totally organic system and we are conscious of not wasting water, avocado plants must be observed and cared for regularly. This would include checking the irrigation system, trimming the plants, assessing the health of the plants, making sure the surrounding plants are working together and not damaging each other, and of course, harvesting them! This job is not particularly difficult and does not require any prior experience. There are many opportunities to learn and there is much room to grow and improve. We are receptive to new ideas and tips! -General gardening tasks -General duties of the house -Help with the digital side of things (if interested) -Construction of cabins -Help manage volunteers and organize and plan projects (for the right person) - Offering innovative ideas about the project. -While our priority at the moment is avocado trees, there are many other projects where we need help and expertise, including making wood art and furniture, building bird feeding houses, planning and planting of flowers and vegetables in the garden (many new vegetables and fruits ready to be planted !!) accommodation For now, we offer you the possibility of sleeping in a tent, inside the house in a shared room (depending on the number of people), or outside (if you want to enjoy the stars at night). The accommodation is quite basic, but comfortable, with a shared bathroom. If you have a tent, feel free to bring it. (We also have some basics that you could use here) We do not offer food (we are currently working on this, and will have occasional food when we can - community cooking can be cheap, delicious and fun!), But we have plenty of avocados to eat (a versatile fruit as you will see!!) And the volunteers they can use our wood and our beautiful wood stove and oven (fresh bread and pizza!) at any time. Food must be bought in Celendín (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, vegetables, etc. in a very cheap local market) before arrival or on days off, there is only a small basic shop near our property). Anything else ... There are many things that volunteers can do in their free time, given our location (exploring the area together, the city of Celendín, cooking, hammocks, reading, walking, board games, music, yoga, going to the river, fishing, etc. .). There are many tourist and non-tourist places in the region, including ancient ruins, hot springs, rivers, small communities with traditional markets where bartering still exists, etc. This is a perfect base to explore the wonders of the region. As we are located in the heart of an indigenous community, volunteers must be respectful when interacting with locals and we currently do not allow any type of work or arrangements with the local community for safety reasons. We also have a community guitar, a didgeridoo, Peruvian cajon, and nightly bonfires where we can relax, eat, drink and enjoy the night weather and the starry sky. Other positions - Person (s) with knowledge of organic agriculture to help in a creative and managerial role: We are looking for a person (s) with knowledge / experience and passion for organic farming and alternative lifestyles, to join us and help develop our project and use the resources we already have (a variety of seeds and space to grow, and building and food ideas) to grow in a sustainable and modern way. This is a great future opportunity for people interested in organic farming and alternative lifestyles. The position involves a lot of creative freedom and I would work closely with the farm owner and volunteers, helping to oversee, organize and plan the projects we want to carry out. To add to the Workaway page: While these aren't required, you may want to bring a few extra things: sunscreen, a headlamp, bug spray, toiletries, work clothes, good walking shoes, a tent / sleeping on your back (if possible, would be very useful), some good books! Transportation to Orange Andes: From most major cities in the northern area of peru you will find it easy to get a bus in the direction of Cajamarca. From Cajamarca there are a number of options to arrive to Celendin. Ask when you arrive at the terminal or hostel as cars, combis and camions leave from different places throughout the city. (From Lima there are busses which go directly to Celendin, you may have to change bus in Cajamarca tho.) To arrive at the Orange Andes property (Vilzeth´s house): You can take a collectivo from the exit (salida) of Celendin or from near the main plaza (la plaza de armas), in the direction of Llanguat/Pallan (1-1.5hrs) head towards Pallan (pronounced Palyang). Jr. Jose Galvez 813 These usually leave at 1pm sharp but you should arrive atleast 30 mins before to secure a place. Ask for the car that is going to Pallan and then tell them you want to be dropped off at the orange house (la casa de Vilzeth Bazan) which is before the school of Sarauss for people who dont know the house. It is the first orange house when you start going back up the mountain, keep a look out for it! Prices are usually between 8/10 soles Collective depending (Private taxi Celendín/Saraus 80/100 soles) If you have a Peruvian number you can call (51) 949449757 (Vilzeth) or try (956491999) the number of the house, however whatsapp will not work as there is no internet signal there (closest wifi point is about 1.5 hours from the property). The house is about 90 minutes walking from Llanguat, up the mountain, but you can be dropped off right at the house. If you arrive at the property and there is no one there, make yourself at home, we might be out on a little walk or in the fields!


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Fueron 2 semanas super chéveres!
Vilzeth nos da mucha libertad para cumplir las 16 horas, aunque intenté seguir tu sugerencia de horarios entre 8h a 10h y 15h a 17h por qué entre 10h y 15h el sol es muy fuerte. Básicamente colaboré en la huerta ayudando a hacer una estructura para colgar los tomateros, la valla y rastrillar el pasto.
Cómo fue bueno pasar esos días sin WiFi, con energía solar solamente para cargar portátiles, duchando con en un baño hecho de bambú con agua a temperatura ambiente, una oportunidad increíble de aprender sobre sostenibilidad. Muchas gracias y éxitos! Abrazos.

8 months ago

Vilzeth replied

Diego es un chico super amable y con una linda energia, todo el tiempo estaba con una sonrisa y ayudando en los que haceres del día a día en nuestro proyecto, gracias Diego por cantarnos con la guitarra y hacernos pasar lindos momentos. Suerte en tu camino hermano
Vilzeth 💪🥑



la experiencia fue genial, conocí personas de varias partes del mundo, el paisaje es hermoso y las tareas cotidianas son muy suaves y divertidas

10 months ago



Vilzeth fue un Anfitrión amable pero el proyecto no estaba bien organizado, problemas personales del Anfitrión me llevaron a tomar la decisión de retirarme del lugar.

about 1 year ago



Vilzeth é um ser humano incrível: criativo, sensível, bem humorado e nos recebe como se estivesse nós reencontrando após um tempo longe. As tarefas são bem definidas e tranquilas de executar. O lugar é maravilhoso e muito belo

over 1 year ago

Vilzeth replied

A ver no sé cómo empezar pero para ser honesto, todo lo que quiero decir en estas palabras son lindos nuestros recuerdos con esta mujer!, ningun momento lo vimos con mala energia todo el tiempo era full batería, su comidas sus sonrisas y lo trabajadora que era en el campo, todo el tiempo tenia mucha fuerza para sus momentos de consejos y compartir días de hermandad, extraño sus palabras cuando siempre me esta diciendo hermanito y a Jimena hermanita 🙂🙏, gracias! muchas gracias Consola por haber estado aquí en nuestro pequeño mundo orgánico en las montañas del norte de Perú, te gustaba mucho caminar! conmigo fuiste al rio y aguas termo medicinales en el valle de llanguat y con los demás voluntarios fuiste a caminar a las cascadas que estan frente la casa, también extrañamos tu comida… tus recetas de yoga y tu aporte también con la elaboración de nuestro aceite de aguacate echo a mano enfocado en Belleza que tu misma ayudaste en cultivar, cosechar y hacer todo el proceso de elaboración del aceite. Esperamos un día poder visitarte y seguir fortaleciendo nuestra amistad, que la magia del universo ilumine tu camino saludos también a tus hijas por el aporte con el diseño de nuestras preciosas bolsitas de papel para entrega. Yeaaa!!!
Un abrazo por parte de Jimena🌻 y disculpa que demoramos mucho tiempo en hacer tu reseña no sabíamos que decir y la otra reseña que ya estaba no esta.
Muito obrigado mami consola 💚🙏 6 estrellas para esta mujer

Vilzeth 🥑💪



Vilzeth es un gran personaje. El lugar y su recibimiento fue mejor de lo que esperaba. Despertar entre las montañas decoradas por las nubes y cantidad de flora es un espectáculo increíble. Esta tempora de sol y lluvia ha sido genial para mí. Clima cálido, tareas sencillas, aprender mucho sobre cocinar con leña, comer frutas del campo, todo sano y natural. Los vecinos y las actividades como: las rondas campesinas fueron experiencias de mucha conexión. Gracias VIL 😊 que los éxitos continúen. Un abrazo y hasta otra oportunidad!

almost 2 years ago

Vilzeth replied

que lindas palabras Diana, que la magia del universo ilumine tu camino estamos en contacto 🧔.)

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