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We are a happy and friendly family that lives close to the city of arusha, our house is located in a quietly and peaceful street on the slope of Mount Meru with natural green, birds, vegetables, fresh fruit trees and environment with good atmosphere with good neighbors ,Our house is very close to the Airport

I am a tour guide and tour operator, we have a Primary School and homestay and tour company I'm hospitable, humble, charming. open minded person. Patient and honesty I like to interact with my guest and help them learn and enjoying their adventure in Africa

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The 4 weeks I stayed with Osward were really amazing!
Osward, July, Diana and Roda are remarkable people. Made me feel at home and cooked amazingly good food. I felt very safe.
At School the teachers and kids were very welcoming and helpful.
Some remarks of what to expect:
- You live with a kind of patchwork family in a house with safe wall
- you will get 3 meals (lunch at school), buy water by yourself
- all speak English but talk Swahili a lot
-You have to be and self-engaged (no one is gonna tell you what to do)
-leisure activities are quite expensive
-you can always count on Osward

3 months ago

Osward replied

Thank for staying with us we appreciate every moment we spend together and your contribution at school. Your welcome again anytime



Osward and Juliette were very friendly and made me feel welcome. Julie is a great cook! Because I was the only volunteer and the school was not open all the time I felt a bit lonely but Osward arranged a safaritrip for me..This week school will start again so there will be more for me to do. The children and the teacher are great! Osward has started this project since three months now and wants to expand so I wish him all the best!

7 months ago

Osward replied

Thank you for being with us it was a pleasure to have you in our community, it was a great support for our NGO's and community.

We will never go un appreciated



It was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life. The children are adorable, very affectionate, they just need care, attention and love. The teacher is a heroin, looking after 30 children completely on her own. I was working in a more deprived school, in the middle of a very poor community, where I was able to connect with the locals, living the real life of these people.
Juli, Osward and Fred, the people responsible for my experience and stay, were very kind to me, the accommodation is very good, the room very comfortable, the food excellent.

9 months ago

Osward replied

Thank you for staying with us and helping our community in large actually what you did for this children it was unforgettable love, we will still remember you in many ways hope we will meet again in future. We will make sure we are developing day by day



I would extremely recommend the Zion project; the time I spent with the children and all the staff at the school will be memorable forever. The kids are full of love and energy; they have a big desire to learn. Osward is always ready to help or solve any doubt, and you can ask him for any activity in your free time. This was my first volunteering, and I couldn't have chosen better. The staff and teachers are doing an excellent job. I will keep these kids in my heart forever and the fantastic people I met there.
Thanks to all the lovely people in the hostel and school for all the support.

9 months ago

Osward replied

Thank you for your appreciation we really enjoyed staying with you, we will miss you and welcome again again in future. Asante sana



My experience at Zion Care has been absolutely fantastic. From the moment I arrived, I immediately felt welcomed and at home. The cultural immersion experienced in this place is simply incredible. Each child you interact with has something unique and valuable to teach you.
I sincerely recommend this volunteering opportunity. It is a transformative experience that leaves you with unforgettable memories. However, I must warn that the only risk you run by joining Zion Care is that you will fall so in love with this place that you won't want to leave. It truly is a treasure!

10 months ago

Osward replied

Thank you for your appreciation Ana Maria, it was a pleasure to have you in our school and community we are welcoming you back again in the future. We will miss you

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