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Glastonbury is definitely a cultural experience all of its own! The town has been a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years and in the last sixty or so years has also become a centre of alternative beliefs and place of pilgrimage for visitors of many Many faiths other than Christianity. As it is both a tourist and pilgrim site, there is always an abundance of international guests passing through and plenty of opportunity to meet people through the big and small events going on. You can find Lots of local music being played most evenings. The summer is particularly busy. There are a lot of alternative things happening such as yoga, chi gong, energy medicine and massage and each week there is a community dance based on five rhythms which is good fun. It is kind of a mecca for all things weird and wonderful and there is no shortage of colour and flair!

The landscape of Avalon is a treasure trove where sacred sites abound, such as the Chalice Well and the White Spring, the Tor and the Abbey (the first Christian sanctuary in Great Britain). There is so much to explore locally and many ways to discover ancient Britain!

We can offer you interesting discussion and a taste of an alternative british lifestyle! We will welcome the right volunteers and hopefully make a lasting friendship.

We like meeting new people! We are looking for open-hearted, intelligent, honest, interested people to stay with us and help out in a variety of ways. We like to spend some time getting to know our volunteers and helping with English practice etc but also prefer people who are fairly independent and feel comfortable acting on their own initiative when necessary. There will be times of close family interaction, however during the daytime most family members will be focused and working and may not be available... We would like people who are happy to entertain themselves during their free time - there is lots of available activity within walking distance. We would most love to hear from people with skills in: gardening, DIY & maintenance (basic carpentry...or advanced!). Some housework and cleaning here and there. We would like someone who is happy to do a mixture of things and is willing to muck in. If you have a strong preference or aversion to any of these sorts of activities we need to know BEFORE you arrive so that we can create a good relationship where we are all happy with the arrangements. We value good communication skills and strive for open honest dialogue both ways when negotiating needs. PLEASE NOTE: In the past we have unfortunately had quite a few experiences of people coming to stay with us who really have not contributed very much. We are building the infra structure of a sustainable small holding whilst also keeping our family business running.... We really need and appreciate naturally hard working and self motivated people who ENJOY completing all sorts of tasks! If you are simply looking for free accomodation and you are not motivated to truly offer help PLEASE look for another place!

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I spent 3 WONDERFUL weeks with Sophie, her family and most of all, the 4 others volunteers ! I learnt a lot about gardening, sustainability. Glastonbury culture and beliefs are very différents and it open minds too
Sophie is the most kindest person I have ever met, she is a host, but she is also a mother, hard worker, always here for us and her family members, and a beautiful woman🪷 I enjoyed spending time talking with her and im thankful about this memories
About the gardens, you will discover a lot, be curious !

6 days ago



I had a great experience at Paradise Gardens! Sophie and her family are really good people, they are always willing to listen and being flexible to make sure that the volunteers have a good time while living and working there.

24 days ago



I enjoyed my first experience at Paradise Gardens so much that I came back to stay longer. It was a great decision. I had time to learn a lot more things, especially about gardening. Sophie is very attentive and is always concerned about the well-being of all of us! I was also lucky enough to make great friends with the other volunteers. This place just keeps getting better! I intend to come back again!

28 days ago



It was a wonderful experience. Sophie is a really kind and lovely person. Always taking care of the volunteers and providing everything that we need to have a great experience. Her family is lovely as well.
Working in the garden is easy and fun, there is always something to learn. Time to work is flexible and you can choose what is better for you.
In general, it's a really good experience to enjoy and learn soo much.

about 1 month ago



This volunteer was amazing, the host, the family, the place, everything.
Sophie makes us fell like we are part of her family and teach us a lot about gardening and taking care of a land to grew vegetables. Always she was worried about us, if we where confortable, that we experience the great things of Glastonbury and other places.
She was amazing with us, we spend Christmas with her family and included us very warmly and in every celebration that they made.

4 months ago

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