We are a 1 acre permaculture smallholding growing a variety of fruit and vegetables in mixed poly-cultures. We also forage a lot of our food in the wild and eat many of our weeds. If you are interested in learning about REAL natural food production, we are your place.

We are a 50-something couple. We have hosted hundreds of volunteers and couchsurfers through various channels over the years. We expect anyone joining us to become part of our little micro-community and show independence and initiative. We like people to find their own niche and see jobs that need to be done, rather than us having to constantly find you something to do. We also occasionally need responsible people house sitting for us during short periods we are away.


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Heiko and Susan are absolutely lovely. I stayed in their farm for two weeks looking after the ducks, the chickens and Ted (he's a wonderful cat). The duties were really easy; feed the animals and water the plants. They were abroad during 12 days so I was on my own in the farm, but I spent the two first days with them. We shared interesting chats and tasty food. Heiko passed me on his knowledge about permaculture and he showed me what I had to do.

13 days ago

United Kingdom


If you want to learn about foraging and permaculture, Heiko is definitely your guy! We foraged for seaweeds and other things on the shore, as well as in the forest. Heiko cooked really nice food every evening, often using foraged foods, and you get to enjoy free range eggs from their chickens and ducks. I felt very healthy, nourished, and sustainable whilst I lived there,and I have been inspired to take a permaculture course to learn further how to implement this way of life for myself in the future.

about 1 month ago



Heiko and Susan were both very sweet and we felt respected and comfortable during our entire stay. Very welcoming and interesting people with lots of experience. Easy going and with a relaxed way of life! Would recommend!!

2 months ago



Absolutely recommend it. Heiko and Susan are really cute and nice people. They would instantly welcome you as one of them. The chores are easy and doesn’t require any previous experience. Do as they tell you and take warm clothes. Lovely and nourish experience.

3 months ago



Heiko and Susan are the most lovely people I've ever seen. They are open to teach me how to do the work and enjoy the experience. I'll be eternally grateful that they helped me in a really bad moment as I was part of the family. The peninsula is beautiful and the food really good

12 months ago

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