We are a 1 acre permaculture smallholding growing a variety of fruit and vegetables in mixed poly-cultures. We also forage a lot of our food in the wild and eat many of our weeds. If you are interested in learning about REAL natural food production, we are your place.

We are a 50-something couple. We have hosted hundreds of volunteers and couchsurfers through various channels over the years. We expect anyone joining us to become part of our little micro-community and show independence and initiative. We like people to find their own niche and see jobs that need to be done, rather than us having to constantly find you something to do. We also occasionally need responsible people house sitting for us during short periods we are away.

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Heiko and Susan are great people and they made me very welcome in their home. The first night we played guitars. Heiko's songs are amusing and performed with irresistible enthusiasm. They both have a great sense of humour.
My job was to house sit and look after their beagle, 'eddie', and geese and ducks. Heiko is very knowledgeable on foraging and has written a book on the subject. Heiko and Susan are very interesting people and great fun. The plot is beautifully private and peaceful, especially at night. Eddie the dog is adorable and I really bonded with him.

9 months ago



I will never forget about my experience at Permaferry, it was absolutely great! Susan and Heiko are very welcoming and such a nice people. Heiko is a perfect cook, even for a picky eater :D I learned a lot about the surrounding nature, and Heiko taught me several new tasks around the garden. For the future people coming, I would recommend bringing warm clothes, as it could be quite chilly even during the summer.

10 months ago



I stayed with Heiko & Susan for around 3 weeks, they're lovely folk and I felt right at home there. They have lots of experience hosting people from all over the world!
Learned quite a bit about permaculture and foraging, Heiko is very knowledgeable and has some great books on his shelves.
The work was very relaxed at my own pace. Redid the floor and walls in their bathroom amongst other little jobs around the house and garden.
When he had to be away for a week to help someone move, I looked after the place and kept Susan company.
Would love to visit that part of Co.Down again sometime!

11 months ago



Wonderful and unforgettable experience! Heiko and Susan are an amazing couple. They taught me so much about Permaculture, foraging, cultural things, wine knowledge, how to use some tools and techniques. They provided me an awesome and cozy bedroom just for myself. Food was always in abundance. Heiko has a fantastic knowledge of music and he loves playing the guitar and sing which made everyday so much fun.
Thank you so much Heiko and Susan for everything! I will never forget you guys and our time together at your place! And thank you for saving my life during Covid19 times! 😆

about 1 year ago



Heiko and Susan are very nice
Our experience at their home was extremely fruitful
Heiko every morning made a healthy natural juice and we were going to walk with the dog Eddie
Our job was to clean the garden, something that we were able to accomplish without any problems
The dinners were on behalf of the host, and each day was a surprise. Natural and healthy food
After dinner, we would talk, watch something, listen to music, even Heiko even played songs of his own
We finally got to know a lot of cool places that are nearby, including the bikes that were made available by the hosts

about 2 years ago

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