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The property is situated on the southern slopes of Dilj Mountain. The total area of 45,000m2 began to receive its first permacultural elements back in 2012 when group of young locals with permucultural education started to work together with me on permacultural ideas . They are not here any more but I kept on developing the estate by myself and with help of people like you, hopefully :) The estate still operates by permacultural elements and solutions already implemented. The garden has been designed according to the principles of permaculture as well as two small ponds to collect surface water. In addition there is a greenhouse, so I usually have fresh produce all year round.
I will also gladly and happily host you if you are willing and ready to try to experience a self sustaining lifestyle and raw vegan diet. A raw vegan diet means that we only eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds that are uncooked. Therefore in my kitchen I do not have any facilities for cooking food, however if you feel like something warm, you can make hot tea on the wood stove. I usually visit the green market a couple of times a week to make sure we have plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat. I also go to the old well in the village to collect spring water for drinking. You should also be aware that a raw vegan diet also puts your body through a detox process.If you would like to do something good for your body and your health, than this would be a great opportunity for you.. In this case, I recommend you stay for one month to go through the detox process.

Hello, I'm Andre: Artist, handy-man, gardener and a non-officially educated permacultural practitioner with tons of experience in permaculture style of living. I am also a single father of four, with three of my children living at home: Vito (8), Ivan Gerd (10) and Nika (11). Accommodation is simple with a few seperate rooms in the house, and if the weather allows it, there is a possibility to set up a tent. If you have plans in terms of coexistence with nature, meditation and artistic creation, and are seeking a place to be, and to live (short/long term), I'm willing to share my land with you and offer a piece of it in exchange for help around the property. We could build a small, simple house on the land within a few days to a week, where you can live and experience a peaceful lifestyle.


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Para mí la experiencia no funcionó, no me sentí cómoda con las instalaciones ni con la higiene, sin productos de limpieza, lavando los platos solo con agua, las duchas no estaban bien y por la noche temia que algun bicho entrara en mi saco de dormir. El trabajo no estaba claro, sugería cosas pero sin instrucciones claras de que hacer ni horarios. Si buscas salirte de las convenciones sociales y no te importan las cosas que he mencionado definitivamente el lugar es para ti. El anfitrión me acogió bien y entendió mi decisión de irme pero estuve sola con el durante mi estancia, me sentí incomoda.

about 2 months ago



The kids are so kind! If you need anything you can Just ask, they Will help u! Andrej is a Nice person and he is aways happy. If i have a chance to come back one day, Def i Will.
If you have a chance, Go!

2 months ago



I had a really good time with Andrej and his family, they're all good and interesting people. The living conditions were a bit more rustic than I expected but I quickly got used to it. It was also interesting to try a new form of alimentation. I had a lot of free time to explore, but I would recommend to go when it's a bit warmer, not in winter, so that there is also more work to do on the property. Thank you for everything!

2 months ago



The host, Andrej was kind and inviting into his home, by the end of my stay I felt at home.

4 months ago



We all know when the car overturns but you can't stop time and turn back, but there is hope, we all know when a friend dies in the war, but we must keep in mind that it could happen, but you have to get up and take care of the rest of the platoon.

Hopes are there waiting

Where in the world you left your soul, you think you are strong and you ruined everything and the saddest thing is that you are ruining the lives of your loved ones

It's good to dream, to have fantasies and some magic, but making a life out of it will only lead you to madness....

8 months ago

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