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Hello, my name is Emilio Gonzalez. My family and I have a farm where we develop sustainable sowing activities and ecotourism. Travelers can volunteer on our farm and in exchange will get to have an experience in the natural forest just 1.4km from town of Bahia Drake. We offer all our volunteers a natural environment, surrounded by green, a tranquil place. We also offer camping area hammocks, a daily basic product from our garden and using with any of your meals., Breakfast Lunch and dinner can be bought in the supermarket and prepared by your self on the farm. 4 hours of work each day. Our Organic Garden. Bananas pine apple. sugar cane yuca cacao curcuma Oregano Ginger seed castaña seed Guayaba Medicinal plants we olso offer Locals Tours / in our Farm Night Tour Bird-Watching Tour Tubing TubeTour. Waterfall Tour Aperfect places for biology studens and Nature lovers

Mi nombre es EmilioGonzalez. mi familia llego a BahiaDrake en 1928 y 1946. Naci y creci en BahiaDrake al norte del parque nAcional corcovado. en la paeninsula de Osa. mi papa crecio en BahiaDrake y trabnaja en el area de conservacion de Osa en el ParqueNacionalCorcovado. Mi Mama crecio en BahiaDrake . tengo 4 hermanos y 1 hermana. nos dedicamos a la agricultura sostenible y el eco turismo. nativos de BahiaDrake y el Parque NacionalCorcovado. Dedicados a la proteccion de conservacion de nuestra tierra.


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Emilio and his family were really kind and lovely

The farm is incredible, in the middle of the jungle, it is the best way to disconnect from everything!

The work is very easy and you have a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful place.

I highly recommend, it is a great experience :)




Desde el inicio del voluntariado el anfitrión me dijo que "el bosque no es para todos" aludiendo a que quizas no me quedaría, actualmente es invierno en Costa Rica llueve mucho y las botas que me presto no me quedaron lo cual NO le preocupó y tuve que usar mi calzado con el cual me caí varias veces ya que no era el adecuado, nunca se preocupó o se interesó por como nos sentiamos ahi, decidí irme antes y fue totalmente indiferente, ni si quiera preguntó que habia pasado. Mala experiencia a mi punto de vista!


United Kingdom


Overall the experience is very good and I don’t regret it. It is not often that one gets a chance to camp in the middle of a rain forest. However the setup and the facilities provided are poor and can be much better. The camp is in the jungle 35 min walk from the nearest town. The tents provided are in bad shape so better bring your own. Work is very minimal and easy.
Overall this is a lovely and unique experience but it’s somehow not for the queezy since insects and little animals are everywhere and I wish the facilities were better.


Costa Rica


Una experiencia maravillosa, vivir sobre una plataforma con una mirada de 360° y naturaleza al rededor es magnífico, estuve con otros voluntarios con los cuales la pasé súper bien. El trato de Emilio y Luis es muy bueno, son grandes personas, me llevo a casa grandes amigos..


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