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Our unique location offers a beautiful experience living in the Bulgarian nature. Exploring Rila National Park, close by and yet far enough from civilisation you will detach yourself from the modern world. It's the place to get in touch with the authentic Bulgarian country lifestyle and get to know our kind-nature horses.

Not everyone here speaks English, however the world unofficial sign language works well with common sense ;) but still a translator app is the way to go! Everyone at the ranch is sweet and helpful, everyone is flexible and ready to help with any task.


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I was at the ranch for 2 weeks and I enjoyed my time there. It's nice to be around the animals and the nature. In your day's off you can go to the town it's kind of far gonna take you couple hours but the views of the mountains are incredible. It's hard to communicate with the people there cause the language barrier but Lubo it's always open and he tries to use the translate to communicate with you he's a nice guy. In general I enjoyed my time there I just have to say thanks for the experience.

11 days ago



I spent 1 month and 1 week alone here, just with the worker Lubo who is a nice guy until Paula came. We all ended up being good friends. The beginning of my stay was okay, then problems started. Nadia is not there and the communication can be really bad. Work hours weren't the ones agreed almost every day. On other side, most of the stuff there is broken or almost broken, no one there speaks English and you have to use translator always, grandma is really lovely, the breakfast could be better. I mostly enjoyed my stay here. Views are lovely. Feel free to ask for pictures or ab the experience.

16 days ago



I was very happy to do the work that was involved and it also went really well whit Racel and Lubo. Unfortunately, communication with Nadia from the distance was not so easy. It would certainly be different if she were on site. There were often unexpected clients. We also worked more than 5-6 hours mostly . And we were quick with all the tasks and didn’t dawdle. I have no problem with that if it was communicated, but it was unfortunately not done properly. It is also important to know that most horses should definitely be ridden by very good riders. The surroundings and the view are amazing.

16 days ago



This experience was not very good unfortunately. I could tell that Nadia and Lubo do care for the animals that they keep but neither of them have enough knowledge or compassion to do it well. When i tried to raise my concerns i wasnt taken seriously. Additionally this place is more like an unpaid job not an exhange. The accomodation is good though and the views you get while riding and just being at the place are amazing. I can imagine that if you just work at the hotel and dont know much about animals you would enjoy this place.
I ended up leaving after 10 days and activating the safeguard.

3 months ago

Nadia replied

The amount of knowledge of the host was not the general issue here. I encourage you to look back at your own amount of life experience and then consider the much more years of experience that the host has. What you will learn as you grow is that there are more than one Correct ways of care for animals. The horses where you live are kept in the box 24/7 apart from the time they are ridden. Compare to this our horses are free to roam naturally and communicate with each other. What we found unacceptable is the state you left the horses after riding - hot, sweaty and without food in the boxes. However, we do understand that probably where you come from this is acceptable and what we do is ask you to follow our way while you are at our ranch. About the exchange - it is all that you got to enjoy - the riding in the beautiful environment, enjoying the nature, the accommodation and breakfast made in our restaurant, as well as meet with other volunteers and make friends. And if you see this experience as an unpaid job, then your stay can be observed as a free vacation that would normally cost much more than what you would have made if you were paid for your contribution. My advice - focus on personal growth by opening your mind a little, follow rules and learn to appreciate what is given to you instead of taking it for granted.



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3 months ago

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