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Our hostel is the perfect opportunity to spend some time for free in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.
The hostel has been opened for 6 seasons now... and we areprobably the most authentic "backpacker" hostel in town... We want to keep the sense of adventure because we are backpackers ourselves... and we still love it !!!

My name is Angel. I am a hospitality manager with many years of international experience. Our hostel pretends to be a relaxing place for those who need a rest while enjoying this fantastic city. The working environment at the hostel is quite relaxed. Volunteers are part of our family, and as part of a family we do care for each other. We are a team that takes care of our guests in a sincere way. Do you want to be part of it? :)


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Absolutely loved this experience!! The work was fair and hours were respected, the city is beautiful and the overall vibe of the hostel is amazing! We all became a little family which was so nice! Thank you Angel for this amazing opportunity!! #Angel’schickens🐔

7 days ago

Angel replied

It was great having Lea on board. She made part of the most amazing volunteer team evar at the SCH. Positive, caring and full of energy, Lea brought so many gifts to the house, to the other team members and; of course, to the gusts.... You leave fiends and a place to go back anytime you are in Santander. Thank you so so so much Lea !!!



Dearest Angel! Thank you for an amazing time in Santander, and for letting me help with your project. The hostel is cozy, and you meet a lot of nice people and participate in a good community. I had a good time with the other volunteers and Angel took so good care of us! The work is fair, easy to learn and you get good training to learn the different tasks. The city is pretty, the beach is awesome and the food and nightlife is very good. Angel helps me developing in confidence and he is a person you never forget! I’m so great full for my time there, thank you Angel!🐣

15 days ago

Angel replied

Tnhak you so much for your kind words.... Naja you have left a little space in our harts.. difficult to fill. Love your personality and huge heart. Mi casa es tu casa



I spent an awesome six weeks at the Santander Central Hostel! When I arrived, Angel was very welcoming and gave me time to settle down and get acclimated with the hostel and everything! The work I had to do varied from time to time; either doing the beds in the morning or folding the sheets or working the evening shift at the reception (which I truly enjoyed). Angel also really encouraged me to be more independent during my shift :)
In addition to that I had the chance to socialize with the guests!
The experience helped me a lot to improve myself in many different ways, I am very grateful :)

19 days ago

Angel replied

Mi casa es tu casa Nina... Hasta Siempre !!!



Estuve tan solo 11 días en el Hostel pero fue una experiencia increíble, disfruté de la ciudad, interactúe con los viajeros que se hospedaban ahí porque el hostal invitaba a hacer unión. Ángel me dio mi espacio para instalarme y me cuidó y se preocupó desde el principio, en Carlota, la recepcionista, me llevo una amiga y Leonor fue encantadora conmigo. Todos te hacen sentir acogida. Además las instalaciones están muy bien y la ubicación del hostal es perfecta

9 months ago

Angel replied

Gracias Gema. Yes only 11 days but with you we had the feeling that you were part of the house for a long time. Cuídate mucho. Aquí dejas amigos apar cuando quieras volver a vernos.



I was expecting from this experience too much. But I can say it’s just a good place to give you some basic clues to know how to run a very little hostel for example. The biggest challenges for me were first of all not feeling to be a valuable part of their hostel, although I was doing good job but I wasn’t receiving the sense of doing something worthy as a “volunteer”, I had this feeling that I was there just to reduce their expenses in hiring someone doing beds. “Join them onIy if you have strong muscles & wrists”. And bare in mind that the city is so small and doesn’t have much to offer.

over 1 year ago

Angel replied

Dear Hadiseh.
Yes, you had a very high expectation about your experience, and you did not take advantage of learning (being Hospitality management Masters dergree, as I am) nor opening yourself to other cultures by interacting with our clientele (most of them, international. We never saw you having a chat with our guests...)
You wanted the attention that you did not give, not a single time.
As you can read in previouis comments from other volunteers.... most of themget a great experience while they are with us... What you bring, is what yoiu take with you. We just set the scenario for you to have an experience....
Having someone on board with no experience of any kind of work (and being "hospitality major"), never being on time to help/work, ignoring the rest of the working team most of the time and lying about her interest of learning and being part of the team... are some of the things that make me think that your frustration has nothing to do with us, but with your incapacity to meet your personal goals.
I was very close to invite you to leave the hostel several times..., but I didn´t because I really thought that you needed this experience.... that you wasted (talking openly here)
We wish you the best the best of lucks in future projects.

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