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Volunteers should choose Simoonga Orphanage Home for the following reasons; > we are friendly >we need education > we need influence We are a Charity entity that needs whatever assistance we can get from the volunteers to help us feed the children, clothe them, as well as sustain the daily operations. We do not discriminate, we welcome people of all races. The orphanage Home also runs a football academy that helps children by getting them to get involved in creative time. The move to keep children preoccupied helps them desist from uncharacteristic and unsocial behaviors like drug abuse. We aim to nature and mentor youth through sport and recreation. As an idle mind is the devil's advocate, we aim at keeping youth recreationally attached so that they desist from substance abuse, early marriage, and unwanted pregnancies, and boy and girl child labor. Soccer in this modern day is a high-paying profession and we believe and want to see some of our children and youth attain through soccer. We run both boys and girls football teams that comprise of participating footballers from the local community. These projects are aimed at character and moral development and we believe that through proper mentorship and a sustainable support system, these children will ultimately be identified by big teams. The Orphanage, though financially challenged helps the team financially through winning allowance. We have enrolled quite a number of these children back to school and we have also introduced a free feeding scheme for them given that they all come from needy and poor backgrounds. We appeal to the world to help us finance this project and actualize the youth goals. We also appeal for volunteers to come on board to help coach and breed the teams. We need necessary coaching skills, we need support in every area of the sporting academy. Everybody is welcome to volunteer either in the Opharnage Home or in the Sporting Academy. HELP US TO HELP THEM, WHATEVER LITTLE WILL GO A LONG WAY.

I am Astone, a very friendly man to children and to volunteers. I am 40 of age and at the Orphanage, there are 6 staff; 1 security guard 1 Orphanage Manager 2 Orphanage mothers and 2 cooks


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The best part of everyday was working with Captain in the garden ❤️. He was very welcoming and ready to share his knowledge with me. Caroline (the wife of Astone-the director) was the main person I interacted with daily when she provided the meals. There was limited communication and contact with Astone during my stay. There also seems to be 2 or 3 orphans at the orphanage. So the project was just gardening for 1 hour each day while I was there. Overall, except for a few things and people, this was disappointing.

7 months ago



I had a fantastic time in Simoonga with Astone, Caroline and the whole village and would recommend this project to anyone visiting Livingstone.
I know I learned more in my time than I imparted from the kids to Captain on the farm. I loved the mornings on the farm helping out and time with the kids, playing football or games each day. You are given license to support in whatever way you choose.
I compliment Astone and the team on the work in the village and community.
The accommodation is excellent and my compliments to Caroline on the great food and plenty of it so a truly unique experience

9 months ago

United States


I had an amazing time in Simoonga. Astone and Caroline are really amazing people and excellent hosts. The local people are all very friendly, warm, and welcoming as if you’re part of their family. It’s an incredible opportunity to be immersed in authentic Zambian culture and make a valuable difference in the lives of the kids there. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an authentic, memorable, and impactful volunteering experience in Africa/Zambia. I really wish I could’ve stayed longer.

9 months ago



I spent two weeks in Simoonga in August/22.

Astone from the beginning was super friendly, flexible and polite and the question of picking me up from Livingstone increased my sense of security. The project has a lot of interaction with the community - especially with the kids who have made it a much better experience.

The period we were on was on vacation, many of the children were visiting family members so I was able to share my work time to help in the Garden.

Another strong point was that Astone organized a dinner with the presentation of traditional dances - amazing

10 months ago



One of the best experiences I've ever had. The kids from the orphanage and the village are just amazing, we played a lot, I prepared some football training for them, which they loved
Astone and his wife Caroline are amazing people, they really care about the kids and the community and do a serious social work, trying to create a sustainable community for them, the kids and the football project.
I had a really good experience about how life is in Simoonga village, local food, culture and their passion. Loved everything and it was hard to say goodbye to the kids, hope I come back any day soo

about 1 year ago

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