Tenerife Horse Rescue

here at tenerife horse rescue we become a big family, many of our volunteers have been here over a year already with no plans to leave. We all look out for each other, share ideas and grow together. Its a real experience here, everything is built from nothing, recycled and from the bin. There are all types of animals and they are everywhere, the location is in a beautiful quiet part of a great island with all year perfect weather.

Expect to be treated like you are already one of us, our home is your home. As long as you are respectful of the community and pull your weight we are like a big family, some new members and some long term. We provide everything we can, all food, access to bikes, horse riding, snorkels etc. We also provide loads of free clothes and stuff. We get so many donations to provide to our volunteers. You must love animals and sustainable living to really enjoy this place, we are about great team work, great conversation, great company. We are not a party place.


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United Kingdom


Absolutely loved my time at Tenerife Horse Rescue, incredible people, incredible animals, environment.

I met so many people from around the world, made amazing new friends, developed my social media skills too.

Would highly recommend this place to anyone!

3 months ago

emma replied

Thank you Lewy, we loved having you here! And can't wait to see you again, again :)

United States


This place is like a little family and they are transparent with their accommodation before you even arrive. It was not a stressful working environment especially with all the loving cats and dogs that come to you. Message me if you want more details!

10 months ago



I liked the whole experience so much that that I decided to extend my stay. The owners are very nice, helpful and kind people. It's amazing to be part of this amazing project, that evolved over the past 5 years, from nothing to this little community with amazing people, surrounded by all the beautiful animals. I recommend everyone to do this experience.

about 1 year ago

emma replied

Sorry i didn't reply before, didn't realise that was an option on this platform. What perfect time to respond, as you left after almost 1 year here! thank you for everything :) was great to have you with us so long! good luck and see you again sometime.



I absolutely loved every second of my experience at Tenerife Horse Rescue. The best people gather here. And the fact that you are surrounded by 500 animals every day is a dream for me. I helped the office team with content management and content overflow strategy, as well as some other office tasks. This place is best for people who like to take initiative and manage their work. It was hard to leave, I'll help out remotely with what I can and I hope to get a chance to come back soon❤️

over 1 year ago

emma replied

Sorry i didn't reply before, didn't realise that was an option on this platform. Perfect time to reply as you are actually back again! very happy to welcome you back into the finca family!



My time at Tenerife Horse Rescue has been one of the most unique and fundamentally fulfilling experiences in my life. While sometimes a bit chaotic, the cause that the owners have undertaken to help animals and what has been built from the ground-up since 2018 is something to be experienced to fully appreciate. The community of volunteers here from all over the world is like a second family, with everyone contributing unique skills and insights throughout the different teams. I would thoroughly recommend coming for at least two months as I have been here to fully emerse yourself.

over 1 year ago

emma replied

I love that this review is 1 year old and you are still here :)

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