TERRA CRISTAL - Alquimia de la tierra & el mar.-

Volunteering is the best way to develop skills, deepen knowledge and build a solid foundation for a future project. It's not about learning everything, it's about developing confidence and understanding that yes, you can. ● It is a concrete opportunity to participate in an autonomy project and live a transformative experience in one of the most wonderful places in Uruguay, surrounded by nature, views of the mountains and the sea. ● It is a chance to work together in a real and positive environment with passionate people who believe and act for a resilient and sustainable future. ● It is an adventure, a life experience that can change your vision of the world. ● It is an opportunity to try life in community but without long-term commitment. ● They are lifelong friendships and networks.

We are 5 friends carrying out this project: Tom, Juanca, David, Cami and Dani. Right now living on the land is Dani, who after a 10-year trip around the world researching, volunteering and working is returning to reconnect with Uruguay and making the dream of co-creating a space in nature in respect and claim of our sovereignty.. Also living in the place, Ruca, our 12-year-old canine companion, Odin and Orion, our baby cats.

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