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The Farmacy is an organic, sustainable garden project located in the heart of the Swiss Alps with tons to do and see. Hiking, biking, climbing and Adventure Sports of every kind. The Farmacy is a project that’s goal is to teach sustainability, create community and connect people to where food comes from and it’s true value. Volunteers should be eager to learn these principles and proactively follow them. The work required is physical: gardening, cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, help cooking. Note: this is a real volunteer and learning experience. If you are just looking for a free place to stay and cheap travel DON’T come here!

We are kind, tidy, respectful and fun people with a passion for gardening and heirloom vegis. You can eat amazing healthy, organic, home grown food every day and enjoy beautiful nature everywhere around you while learning principles of more sustainable living. You will have a room you share with 1 other volunteer, a shared bathroom and kitchen, wifi, a bike to use and Info about all the great stuff to see and do here. We take volunteers from March through October only.

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Liz treated us exceptionally well. It was everything we hoped for and more. We were with her for 2 months and LOVED every minute of the work and living in Interlarken. We worked 5 hours/day, 5 days a week and were given extra days off if we worked overtime. The food and accommodation was as promised. We would recommend this to anyone outdoorsy and excited about hiking, biking etc on their days off. Liz is a big character with lots of energy! We are happy to answer any questions from anyone. Thank you Liz we hope to see you again in the future ☺️

13 days ago



Increíble lugar, accesible a todo, tareas sencillas por hacer y siempre comerás muy sano en casa de Liz. Una lástima que no pude quedarme mas tiempo.

about 1 month ago



Interlaken y sus alrededores presentan paisajes soñados, la casa de Liz está inmersa en ellos, hemos pasado buenos ratos, el voluntariado fue muy activo. No pude experimentar mucho el trabajo en huerta, aprendí muy bien
el trabajo de housekeeping, a resolver cosas de la manera más efectiva gracias a la genialidad y eficiencia de Liz. Hay que destacar sus habilidades en la cocina y el proceso completo desde la siembra, realmente sabe mucho y es un placer aprender de ello. Como vegetariana aprendí muchas cosas. Fue una experiencia inesperada y enriquecedora. Gracias Liz por el aprendizaje 🙏🏽

7 months ago



This experience taught me more than I could have ever imagined, so I will treasure every single moment for the rest of my life. Liz is an amazing host and an even better human being. Be prepared to do tough but purposeful work. The location couldn’t be better to explore beautiful Switzerland and be amazed by breathtaking views every day.

Gracias por todo Liz!

7 months ago

United States


I really loved my experience here overall. It was truly beautiful in every way possible. Liz was a great teacher and clear with expectations which made it easy to make the transition to work with her. Liz is an expert in the area so almost each day she would provide recommendations around where to explore dependent of the weather. There are many things to do and the trains are simple enough to navigate the area. Switzerland overall is quite pricey however it is great that all meals are provided at this location so it is easy to pack a sandwich when exploring. I would recommend this experience!

8 months ago

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