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Because we have lived a lot of different places and we love talking to international people. We are great fun and open. Love to chat and share experiences. We simply love the energy of having a volenteer staying with us and we wish we would have more space to open our home to even more people.

We are easy going people. Easy to be around and always open and available for questions or clarifications. There is no stupid question in this house. Working hours are ca. 5 hours a week and 2 days off.


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Staying with the Holbergs was an incredible experience — would definitely recommend to others! Pernille and Sven were very kind, welcoming, and excited to share parts of their Danish (and German) culture, and their children were also a delight! The work was fair, and each night they made their expectation for the next day’s work very clear so there was never confusion on my end abt what they wanted. Staying in Næstved was also such a treat, their house overlooked a gorgeous fjord and was a short bike ride to either the city center or a lovely beach town. My only regret is not staying longer!

4 days ago



This family is really friendly, funny and welcoming. They are very open to getting to know other cultures and showing their culture. Their house is amazing, with a big terrace and garden. It's not far from a beach (20 minutes by bike, which they also lent me). They were very patient with my level of English, that was very nice. Tasks are very flexible (depending on what you're good at). For me it was only difficult in terms of organization. The tasks were kind of spread throughout the day, without much planning or schedule, and because I have a remote job, I needed more organization.

13 days ago



Wow Thank you appreciate SUPPORT ME AT ALL the unique luxury five-star home: great opportunities incredible
1 beautiful recordation; fantastic; view the beach flowers yard; walk forests; ride a bike
2 activities: healthy sports: yoga;
3 healthy. Quality smoothies vegetables; fruits
4 meet culture Danish sharing local foods each other
5 we feel like taking care of each other flexible works
Pernille VALUE TOP HOST very smart lady; her family-friendly kindness; launching
invite; volunteers just love; international family THANKS I would like back again ;) ;)

about 2 months ago

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