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Hi i'm Hassan, a nomad and grew up in the desert. I live in the desert 12 km from Tagounite, it's a nomad house in a little nomad village in a gorgeous oasis. We have several bedrooms and relax areas, a living room, kitchen, shower and big garden. We are happy to receive people to help us build this house. I will teach you the nomad life style and house building, making bricks. Currently we are finishing the bedrooms, renovating living room and the kitchen. We would love to learn about permaculture so we can fight the drought here. We started to grow our own vegetables. We have 3 meals a day. The food we make here is varied and a lot. It's very calm here and remote and the village is mostly empty. Soon I will make our own Hammam. We also have WiFi so you have good and unlimited internet access. We work max 3 hours a day. I am happy to take you on desert tour with me and show you the desert I grew up in. A few times a week I go to Tagounite, you can join me for shopping. There's a market twice a week. We have 2 dogs, rabbits, dromedares, chickens and goats, we want to make our own milk and cheese. I will take you to visit my family and you will meet my friends and experience real berber life. During your day's off we take you to see the mountains, take you to a wedding or go sand snowboarding. Bring a mosquito spray and washing powder to wash your clothes. Work clothes and shoes which can get muddy. Warm jacket, pyjama for the months nov, dec, jan, feb. How to get here; You can fly to Marrakech, Ouarzazate or Casablanca. You can fly from Casablanca to Zagora. You can take a buss from Marrakech to Tagounite with ctm buss company for 17 euro. Departure at 11.00 and arrival in Tagounite at 20.30. Or with buss company Supratours. Departure at 15.00 and arrival at 23.00 in Zagora. You can fly from Casablanca to Zagora for only 30 or 40 euro. From Zagora you can take a shared taxi for 25 Dirham. But not after 9 pm. It's hard to get a taxi at that hour. From Zagora to Tagounite is 1 hour. We pick you up from Tagounite

We have lots of experience with volunteers. We try to make your stay pleasent. I and my staff are calm and open people. We eat 3 times a day and work 3 hours a day. We take you to see the mountain. We can teach you how to cook Morocco food.


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Hassan is a very good and hospitable man, very helpful and kind. I am satisfied with the experience. The working hours are relaxed, work starts around 12 pm and there is a lot of free time and it is a very relaxing location. I loved my volunteer's mates and I felt very comfortable and this is important. Thank you!

over 2 years ago

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