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IT IS NOT TRUE I DO NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY AS AS A BAD GUEST SAID IN ONE REFERENCE. I ALWAYS HAVE LIGHT AT NIGHT AND CAN ALWAYS CHARGE MOBILES. I MAY NOT HAVE ENOUGH ELECTRICITY TO OPERATE POWERFUL COMPUTERS ALL DAY LONG BUT EVEN THAT ONLY WHEN IT IS CLOUDY Porque hablo bastante Español para enseñar Inglés. Because of my music, nice weather, sweet corn and peas I farm, a lot of fruit available, to learn to live simply and sustainably, since I too am a downshifter and dumpster diver. I object to capitalism. Here you can sunbathe even in the winter if sunny and not windy. In July and August I go at the seaside (Ionian Sea). I am an artist, do not do any business, so I do not exploit people to get some work done for free or cheaply. Anyway, if you are that kind of Millennials addicted to socials, Netflix and similar, you are on drugs/booze or you can't live without all modern commodities, it is not worth to make the long journey come to my place. My place is more for people who want to detoxify themselves from the evils of city life and/or are interested in activities that nourish the soul, like art, literature and music. I can teach English too, because I lived in the UK

I treat volunteers in an informal way, just like friends and prefer to discuss in case of problems. I share all I have with my guests and expect them to treat my things as they were theirs


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Antonio is a very helpful guy always willing to support you, he made me feel at home. He loved his food because it was so variable. And the truth is that you don't get bored with him because he is a very intelligent person and knows a lot of things, he helped me improve both English and Italian.

5 months ago



I stayed at Antonio’s place for a short but good time. If you’re looking for some time to re-experience the traditional, simple way of living, to share your musical knowledge with others, to get in touch with the locals and the nature it would be so much fun. During my stay Antonio has been extremely generous and thoughtful for my comfort, he brought me around to his friend group with whom I really enjoyed my time with and grateful to.

5 months ago



Antonio lives in a very simple way without electricity and running water in the house. He himself is friendly and can teach you a lot about living a minimalistic lifle.
Although i liked his simple way of living i left his place earlier because it was difficult for me to feel comfortable at his place. His house was very messy and i think the walls were moldy as well. There weren't a lot of things to do so i got bored quickly at his place. For me it was not the right place to stay but if you are looking for a place to relax and don't mind mess then you will for sure enjoy your stay.

7 months ago

Antonio replied

At the time Bianca was there, I was sick because of a serious back injuries and could not even stand up or bend, so I was not able to fix the mess. Even doing many usual activities was very painful for me. I was sorry Bianca left so early cause she was a good percussionist. We manage to play a bit together notwithstanding my back pain. I told her I was sick and proposed to help me cleaning and tidying up a bit in her room, but she decided to leave anyway. I recovered only a few days ago and since then I cleaned up the mess in my house.



The host gave me all the necessary information to arrive, he was kind, the time I communicated with him, he did not complete being every day but it seemed like a country home, ecological, inspiring, but I decided to move house because I had to go to Rome and I liked being near Rome. the host is friendly. but not. it's easy to get home, for me.

10 months ago



Fue una experiencia distinta, como estar en un camping. Antonio fue muy amable y estuvo siempre disponible a ayudarme, me ayudo a practicar el idioma. Algunas cosas me hubiese gustado saber antes como por ejemplo que en la casa no hay una ducha dentro o que dormi en la misma habitacion que el. Por lo demas estuvo bien.

over 1 year ago

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