Vegan Household at the Azores Islands, Portugal

You get here the opportunity to stay at a vegan household, helping with renovation, gardening or just cleaning. The place is located in the south-east of the Azorean Island Sao Miguel, close to beaches, hot springs, waterfalls and tons of amazing hiking trails.

I have a lot of experience in hosting volunteers and did also by my self volunteering. So I have a good idea, what is a fair deal and how everyone can benefit from it the most.


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Thoma's place was my first Workaday experience. I would have liked him to be a bit more involved with us, but overall, I had a very good time with the people I met during my time over there. We did a lot of activities together, and even rented a car to explore the island (you will need that as well at some point). Plus, I recommend you becoming an expert in bus schedules & hitchhiking, this last one was pretty fun to do around the island. The place itself is absolutely gorgeous and the vegan food is very delicious. The work consists of 4 hours a day and it is physically demanding, be aware.

9 months ago



My experience at Vegan household was overall positive. Working hours were always met, and everything went according to agreement. In addition, I felt total freedom in managing my free time. The Vegan household is a nice place to stay and meet people from all over the world in a relaxed and youthful atmosphere. The only thing I would have expected different is more collaboration and human exchange with Tomas, the host, because it would have certainly enriched the experience since despite the cryptic surface, you can sense that he is an interesting person with many experiences behind him.

10 months ago



Minha experiência foi excelente! O local era extremamente confortável e acolhedor. No entanto, acredito que houve uma falta de aproveitamento do potencial de cada voluntário, o que poderia ter sido melhorado para que pudéssemos doar nossas habilidades de forma mais eficiente e satisfatória. O desejo de contribuir com nosso potencial era muito forte, e acredito que todos nós viajamos com a intenção de deixar um impacto mútuo e colaborativo.

Para mim, ser voluntário não se trata apenas de cumprir horários rigorosos, mas de estabelecer metas claras de início e término, garantindo que ambos

11 months ago



It was my first experience and I am grateful for the fact that it was at Tomas's household. He was a very good host and an excellent cook. Everything was according to the agreement.

over 1 year ago



This was my first experience as a volunteer, and I would definitely recommend the island, because it is very safe and absolutely amazing. Although the tasks could be a bit demanding, the food and the environment made up to it. I met a lot of lovely travellers who made sure that we used every opportunity to have fun. Thomas is a good host, flexible with the tasks and we always had an interesting conversation during dinner. I had a fantastic time there and I felt very welcomed :))

over 1 year ago

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