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We love having fun together, also our hostel has a bit of a community around it already, so coming here feels like seeing all of your old friends again!
Europe is very small, and you get to meet a lot of the people you've met in spain, check, ostria, germany and so on!

The staff here is like a family (a pretty drunk family) We like to party, but also chill, have movie nights, go sightseeing and all of that! If you like being social, like meeting a bunch of new friends, and have a lot of fun days and nights, this is the place for you!

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I never had so much fun in my life! I met so many incredible people that will remain my friends for life. The tasks are simple and the staff is always there to help and support you, it's such a family environment. I would totally recommend this experience and I'll definitely be back some time in the future!
Thank you vitae hostel 🫶

21 days ago

United Kingdom


The month spent at Vitae went by way too quickly! This was my first volunteer experience and they made me feel welcomed and part of the team straight away. The work is really easy and straightforward, allowing you plenty of time to explore the city and take part in events the hostel organises. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

29 days ago

United States


my month at vitae was wonderful – it's an experience i'd recommend to anyone who likes to have a good time (and who doesn't?). very quickly, the hostel felt like home. the longer-term staff is very welcoming, kind, and fun, as are the other worldpackers folks. somehow, they've created such an incredible environment that even the guests that stay at vitae are great to hang with. the work is super reasonable and you still have plenty of time to explore the city. if you like parties and people, drinking and drunken shenanigans, you're sure to have the time of your life at vitae!

about 1 month ago

United States


what can i say besides life changing

2 months ago

United States


I really enjoyed my time at Vitae! You have lots of opportunities to meet really cool people. The work is easy, you have most of the day to explore and party. It is quite the party hostel. I would recommend if you are looking to party!

3 months ago

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