Volunteer with Children in East Africa

RUN is a non-profit organization, we are a shelter for children coming from families with no structure to give the minimum conditions of life and study. In this house live 45 children, but soon we will have a new headquarters to house even more children. There is a project ready to move to a bigger and better located area, where it will be possible to build more dormitories, library, soccer field, organization's office with adequate structure and sanitation. The completion of the first part of the construction is scheduled for July 2021, so it will be possible to change all the resident children and are trying to raise funds to be able to turn our place into a small sustainable village that in turn will support other communities. Volunteers should choose to be with RUN because we need help with the education of the children who live here, in addition to the whole community around. as important as the children who live here are our athletes, from 7 to 22 years old, made up of the entire community of Nankoma. We always require extra hands, knowledge, skills. If you are looking for something meaningful, helping children with your education and leisure, you are welcome here, even without experience you can help our teachers or you can also teach us what you know, we are open to learn and share what we know! We live in a simple house away from the big city, a real experience on Africa, if you want to live this experience, come and join us!

I am Brian and we are situated in Nankoma village, Bugiri District , eastern Uganda. We are willing to give a simple but cozy accommodation. Our food is homemade, made everyday for all of our house, and you will be part of our family but if you need the special food here you can only pay $50 per a week . The basis of our food comes from local fruits and vegetables and I'm sure you will love our warm tea at the end of the day. After your time here with us, you can go out speaking our local language. We can't give to you the ride for free, but we have a reliable driver who can pick you up for a great price. Our house needs help: Sewing skills, teaching English, helping our soccer team to teach, playing games for our children for leisure time. We always demand extra hands, knowledge and skills in order to improve our structures. Everyone is always waiting for the changes in the project, we are very positive that with the help of the international community, we can do everything in the community.

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