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We are a small collection of hostels & bars on the tropical island paradises of Koh Phangan, Thailand, and beyond. Famously casual and social, we are known for treating our guests like friends and all socializing and partying together! The volunteers we look for need to be responsible and dependable to handle basic hostel duties by day, but also social and fun partiers that will enjoy hanging out with guests and partying at night!

We are a very relaxed and casual bunch, operating in organized chaos. We are ALL here for the love of travel, backpacking, and living in paradise, no one's in it for the money here! I should warn, we have wicked and dirty senses of humor and communicate for work and fun via group chat that gets pretty wild, not for the faint of heart! We've been lucky to find guys and girls that can keep up with our craziness!


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It was very nice to be free to choose a motive and a place to paint on with as many utensils as I needed and self chosen work hours. There’s many volunteers so you can have a great social team and most of the staff is super lovely! However, specific staff members caused unpleasant athmosphere and also when some of my belongings were taken away by the children of staff members, the host hesitated to pay me back for weeks (the parent‘s of the children cared about it tho). The volunteer dorm is not really clean nor comfy. Overall I had a very good time due to lovely volunteers and painting!!

12 days ago

United States


I had a wonderful time at WET hostel! The schedule was very straight forward and the work was fun. The volunteers were so welcoming and the host was very kind.

17 days ago



It was my first volunteering and I had a grate time at WET! You meet so many cool people and the work is easy and fun. All in all I would recommend this place:)

19 days ago



I really enjoyed my time at wet. The staff is incredibly nice and helpful. The work is really chill and you get a lot of free time to explore the island and to party a lot but the part I liked the most was meeting the other volunteers I had an amazing time with them and there is something magical about this hostel I’ll never forget it.

21 days ago



I stayed for 3,5 weeks, which was a bit too much for me. I’d recommend about 2-2,5 weeks :) I only had to work the days around full moon, so it’s super chill! Maybe not the cleanest hostel etc but depends on if that’s important to you. In the end I really enjoyed my stay and made really good friends!

about 2 months ago

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