Non-Profit School Iringa, Tanzania

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Teach tailoring course making clothes for different designing

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Our students normally need to know well how to design the clothes during class hours in order to match with requirements from the society after completing their studies at the tech vocational training college in Tanzania and east africa.

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16 Reviews


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  • 11 Creating true social impact
  • 9 Meeting locals
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  • 7 Developing social awareness
  • 6 Practicing English
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  • 4 4. Quality education
  • 4 5. Gender equality
  • 2 3. Good health and well-being

United Kingdom


Daudi is an outstanding host and the school is a wonderful place! Daudi and his family are welcoming, caring and extremely helpful. In fact, after a few days, I felt embraced by the whole village! It's clear that Daudi appreciates his guests and the experiences that they bring to his students. He showed a deep commitment to me to ensure that I got as much out of my trip as possible. As for the students - I have been teaching for nearly fifteen years but I have never known a more enthusiastic, committed group of learners! I wholeheartedly recommend this experience!

3 months ago

Daudi replied

I was so excited with Mr. Adam the way he was working hard everyday! He was making sure all things are going good and smoothly, the knowledge he provided to our students and us in generally was so super and everyone appreciated him because he want to see the college is extending to be bigger. He was flexible to help us in many ways especially Chinese language class. He know many things because he is a professional teacher. My society was so happy with him everywhere here in Iringa because he know how to live with people. We have a plan in October this year 2024.



The commitment they expected when I arrived was pretty much what was described here on worldpackers platform. Starting from the stay, Daudi and his family were very hospitable made me feel at home from day one. They helped me arrange everything so that I'm comfortable and helped me explore a bit around Iringa, the beautiful town with breathtaking landscapes. The teaching experience was also great. The students were very enthusiastic about learning foreign languages, it was such a blast to work with them. I would definitely recommend this place to other volunteers.Daudi is a very helpful person

3 months ago

Daudi replied

As the host from Turnbull Tech College in Tanzania, I don't have enough and more words to speak out because Madam Nourhan was so friendly, hard worker and kind too. She was helping us teaching students the Germany language since day one she arrived also she assisted me to know some applications like Airbnb app and know we have Airbnb people enjoying so much also some official things making sure we are moving similar with the changes of the World in technology in terms of computing. But also she was so wise all the time thus why I, board members and my staffs we were very happy with her without forgetting my community. Hopeful we gona be meeting very soon for the future.



There are not enough words to explain my gratitude and my love for this people that taught me so much in just a few days . Mr.Daudi is a very nice and cooperative person who always tries to make sure that everything is okay and help you in your goal . The students are the sweetest on this planet .all members are so committed to humanity ,God,Love and patience . That is unbelievable the filling you get once you meet them.I leave this the school for now ,but with the promise of coming back .if you have the opportunity to come,please do ,it will be one of the best experiences of your life.😍❤️

4 months ago

Daudi replied

Omg! Beher and his wife they were good people to me and to my students also all staffs in general I will never forget them because they were hard worker everyday at college. Beher taught me French and Arabic languages all the days, I liked it because now I can speak and help others what does it mean in terms of languages he taught me! We are in contact both of us; so hopeful very soon I will visit their home countries because we are more than friends. Charming people all the time.

United States


I loved volunteering at Turnbull Tech! Daudi is very welcoming, and the students were very excited to meet me. In the classes they students are a little shy, but once you get them involved, they open up and talk a lot. This destination is in a unique city, up a mountain, and quite beautiful. The teachers at Turnbull are very accommodating and help you learn about the town, get food and give you plenty of fun things you can do in the city. I can't wait to go back!

about 1 year ago

Daudi replied

Honestly, I liked your performance in and outside the classes, also I was so happy with your commitment of coming at Turnbull Tech College because you brought to us many skills especially to our students and my family of Turnbull Tech in general. Everyone was so excited for everything from you from a first day you arrived here in Iringa, really we want you again at college just for helping our fashion classes and designing very unique styles about clothes. Karibu tena dada Olivia nchini Tanzania -Africa



Mr Daudi Kingalata is super welcoming, very supportive and very positive. He is flexible and easy to work with. He will go out of his way to make you feel welcome and at home. Daudi is an entrepreneur with a big heart and strong core values around helping people. His the school supports the tuition for 3 – 4 poor students. I have also watched him provide very generous support of the small Anglican church's building fund in his small home village. We have become good friends over the month that I have spent volunteering to teach conversational English at the Turnbull Tech the school.

over 1 year ago

Daudi replied

Mr. Neil is a good friend to everyone therefore I liked him from my heart the way he was and taking many things seriously about developing Turnbulltech vocational Training College. Further more he did a great work for helping students in groups to learn English language fluently, he developed a new idea of starting a company which is "Turnbull Tech Computer Repairs " and also he was a good advisor of having the strong strategies in both projects every year.
But also he provided to us his good thoughts on how we can expand clothing and textile program ( Sewing machines ) and having like "Turnbull Tech Manufacturing" then one day we can find the market of it abroad of my country including his country ( Canada )He know me very well that I want to be a big business man and helping my community effectively.

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