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Simple ways to make your travel photos more epic and awe-inspiring

Elevate your travel photography with creative tips: experiment with styles, craft backgrounds, embrace unique perspectives, and escape crowds.



Admit it – every time you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you feel a pang of envy. Snapshot-perfect travel posts bombard your feeds, leaving you wondering if you need to be a professional photographer to capture such beauty.

Hold that thought right there – let me tell you, that is far from the truth.

To transform your travel photos from good to stunningly fantastic, all you need is a decent camera, a bit of patience, and a curious eye for beauty.

If it feels intimidating, don't worry! In this article, we'll be walking through some easy yet effective tips and tricks that will make your travel photos an object of admiration.

Experiment with different photography styles

Just as a painter dabbles with multiple paints and brushes, you must experiment with various styles of travel photography. Ranging from candid shots to architectural photography to landscapes and wildlife, the options are endless.

Even portraits of local people or photographs documenting their everyday lives can add an interesting dimension to your collection.

Does experimenting sound scary? Don't worry. When you try your hand at different styles, something magical happens!

Over time, you'll notice your own unique preferences shaping up, and that's how you will develop your distinct photographic style. So go out there and give everything a shot – remember, it's all about the journey.

Play with the background

Quite often, the key to a stunning travel photo is not just what's in the front but what lies behind – the background. By manipulating your camera angle or swapping positions, you can drastically improve how well your subject stands out. Always keep an eye on your backdrop – it should enhance, not distract from, your main focal point.

Furthermore, if there are unwanted intruders in your frame, like an accidental photobomber or a trash can, fiddling with the background can help you 'delete' them creatively. Simply shifting elements around often helps to compose a cleaner and more focused shot.

Lastly, if the picture seems unsalvageable, you can simply change the background of your images by removing the original and replacing it with a more creative one. Remember that there are always options, and you only need a bit of creativity.

Think outside the box

If you want to stand out from the multitude of travel photographers out there, you must find a way to break away from the ordinary. Some of the most awe-inspiring shots are born when you don't confine your creativity to what people typically see.

Think about getting up close for a detailed worm's-eye view of an ancient building or capturing a striking panoramic shot that takes everyone by surprise.

Dare to be different! Don't shy away from trying out those bizarre angles or sulking down in odd corners to get that atypical perspective.

Remember, it's about gazing at the world from an entirely fresh viewpoint and reflecting that magic in your photos. So go ahead, bend those rules, and let your creativity roam free.

Avoid the crowds

If you plan on using your photography skills to make money, crowded areas may be your worst enemy. You can’t hope to sell photos that have random tourists' heads and arms in the background.

However, don't let this deter you! There are methods to avoid these bustling mobs. Consider getting up super early or staying out late when most visitors are fast asleep. Likewise, explore the off-the-beaten paths where most tourists don’t tend to venture. It's more effort, true, but trust me – the reward of a stunningly empty frame makes it wholly worthwhile.

Another way to avoid the crowds is to visit during the off-peak months. You may not get the best weather, but all the tourist areas will be free of crowds and yours for the taking (in a photoshoot).

Key takeaway

Excellent travel photography doesn't require top-tier equipment or professional expertise. At the heart of all memorable images is a willingness to be patient, an eye for beauty, and unpredictability.

Recognize that your unique approach is your biggest advantage – it makes you see the world in ways no one else does.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera—or even just your smartphone—and get started!

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